How Obama's Israel Trip Pushed Out Fayyad

Appeasement sabotages any peace negotiations before they begin because overconfident terrorists begin acting like overconfident terrorists.

Here's a brief history of Palestinian Authority government. It's a game of good terrorist and bad terrorist. You play it by ignoring how bad the bad terrorist is by finding a less bad terrorist and calling him the good terrorist. When it's clear that he's just as bad, you repeat the game.

Arafat was the good terrorist for a while. Then the international community had to admit that despite the Nobel Prize, Arafat was still a bad terrorist. So Abbas became the good terrorist. Then eventually it became clear to everyone that Abbas had no interest in elections or ending the compulsive thievery and violence that are the only reasons that the Palestinian Authority exists.

Prime Minister Fayyad became the Great Palestinian Hope. Sure no one elected him and no one had elected President Abbas for years, but Fayyad and Fayyadism was the thin strand of hope to which Palestinianists (no that's not a misspelling) clung. As long as Fayyad was in office, supposedly reforming things, then everything was bound to turn out alright.

Four years ago, the always wrong Thomas Friedman wrote a love letter to Fayyad.

Fayyadism is based on the simple but all-too-rare notion that an Arab leader’s legitimacy should be based not on slogans or rejectionism or personality cults or security services, but on delivering transparent, accountable administration and services...

I see this as a challenge to “Arafatism,” which focused on Palestinian rights first, state institutions later, if ever, and produced neither...

Something quite new is happening here. And given the centrality of the Palestinian cause in Arab eyes, if Fayyadism works, maybe it could start a trend in this part of the world — one that would do the most to improve Arab human security — good, accountable government.

Well bad news. Obama's trip to Israel appears to have undone Fayyadism and rewarded Arafatism.

In public, Obama flattered Israel. In private he came to press for appeasing Hamas and launching new peace negotiations based on the Saudi Peace Plan. Obama held a joint press conference with Abbas with all the trappings of a state visit. And Abbas decided that he didn't need Fayyad.

Now Obama Inc. is scrambling to salvage Fayyad's position without realizing that it was the stature and confidence that Obama gave to Abbas that caused the letter to think that he had the juice to get rid of Fayyad.

a Western diplomat expressed dismay at the political in-fighting at a time when the United States is making a concerted effort to revive Israeli-Palestinian negotiations and boost the flailing economy.

"Pressure is being put on Abbas to sit on this resignation offer for at least two months to see what comes of the US initiative," said a senior European diplomat, who declined to be named because of the sensitivity of the issue.

US diplomats were due to visit Ramallah on Thursday and was expected to press Fayyad's case, another diplomat said.

The cluelessness is fantastic. As usual appeasement sabotages any peace negotiations before they begin because overconfident terrorists begin acting like overconfident terrorists.

If this is what happens after a single trip by Obama... imagine what would happen if Israel really gave up Jerusalem to Abbas.