Kerry Goes to Asia Over North Korean Threat, Focuses on Global Warming

We never did get to experience a John Kerry presidency, but we are getting a highlights reel o President John Kerry.

We never did get to experience a John Kerry presidency because Bush stole the election and the great war hero who single-handedly took over Cambodia over Christian couldn't kick a soccer ball to some little girls without becoming a national laughingstock.

But we are getting a highlights reel of what President John Kerry would have looked like.

As threats from North Korea makes headlines in northeast Asia and around the world, Secretary of State John Kerry, in his weekend visit to the region, gave high priority to a different subject – one that he is passionate about – “anthropogenic” global warming and his contention that the science is settled.

At talks in Beijing, Kerry and his hosts agreed to elevate the issue of human-caused climate change to the ministerial level in bilateral discussions, a step Kerry said would send a “significant message” globally.

Climate change also featured in Kerry’s talks with his Japanese counterpart in Tokyo on Sunday.

Never mind that North Korean nonsense, cow flatulence is going to destroy the planet.

Kerry's Global Warming whistle stop tour was extraordinarily strange. In Japan, at Kerry's joint press conference with Japan's Foreign Minister, he blathered incessantly about Palestinian peace and Global Warming. Meanwhile every reporter's question was about North Korea.

Talking about North Korea, Kerry sounded like a ridiculous old hippie. "I think that – I think it’s really unfortunate that there has been so much focus and attention, both within the media and elsewhere, on the subject of war, when what we really ought to be talking about is the possibilities of peace."

Kerry doesn't seem to grasp the difference between facts and wishful thinking. When North Korea declares war, should the media be talking about the possibilities of peace?

That seems a bit much, even for the lapdog media willing to lick Obama's hand for a hope and change treat.

But the good news is that the last senator to serve a disastrous term as Secretary of State is the front-runner for the Democratic Party nomination for president. John Kerry could still be president.