Guardian Scolds: Making Fun of Kim-Jong-Un is Racist

That doesn't make it okay to devolve to old patterns of jingoistic racism, and turn "North Korean" into another iteration of the terrible N-word.

After it was discovered that Muslim terrorists were just misunderstood people protesting American foreign policy, North Korea was the only safe enemy left... except for the evil corporation which was doing all sorts of "evil corporationy" stuff. Every movie now features North Korea taking on the United States and will until China uses its headlock of Hollywood to put a stop to that.

But The Guardian, the voice of the moderately insane British politically correct left (to distinguish it from The Independent which is the voice of the completely insane British left) has now run a piece blasting everyone for mocking Kim Jong Un,  First Secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea and Supreme Leader of the gulag half of Korea.

It's a happy truism. Scratch a politically correct liberal, and you'll find a human being. And it appears that racism is the default state of being for humans. Don't ask me why. Perhaps when the Catholics tell us we are all born in sin, this is the sin they mean?

I'm not a Catholic, but I'm pretty sure it's not. The Guardian is confusing its own crazy religion of White Original Sin Privilege.

Take North Korea, and the current hoo-ha about its threat to launch missiles against the US. It seems that some people think it's okay to caricature Kim Jong-un based on his ethnicity, culture and appearance.

Shame on us. How dare we mock the appearance of a man whose regime murders people like it's going out of style. Next thing you know we'll be mocking Hitler's ethnicity, culture and appearance.

Ooh, look at the little dancing fool with the crazy hairstyle! If we did the same to, say, China's Xi Jinping, there'd be a massive outcry.

Only from The Guardian.

Just because the North Korean culture is so utterly alien to much of the west, we allow ourselves to caricature the North Koreans and their leader.

North Korea isn't a culture. It's a totalitarian dictatorship. There is no North Korean culture just as there is no Nazi culture. The rituals of a brutal dictatorship are not a culture.

Admittedly, if you're raised in a system of culture that doesn't favour the theatrical and the hagiographic, you're going to find the sight of prancing soldiers a little weird. But think about it before you join in with the chorus of ridicule: for the so-called civilised west.

And then there's the mockery of all those Nazi torchlight parades and homosexual SA encounters. Don't those racists realize that the so-called civilized people were mocking Nazi culture. And mocking Nazis is racist.

there's probably very little difference in the quality of the disdain they feel for South Africa's dancing Jacob Zuma.

Considering that Jacob Zuma is a corrupt rapist and racist who thinks AIDS comes from leprechauns, they should feel disdain for him.

Of course, we have the self-same west to thank for the fact that North Korea exists at all...  It's kind of like Saddam Hussein-era Iraq, another gift bestowed on the world by the greed of western powers.

If only the West had kept its greedy mitts to itself, then South Koreans could also enjoy the wonder of living under a mass murdering tyranny.

And the American involvement in using North Korea as a pawn in their Cold War jousting with Soviet Russia means that the Kims have been caricatured an enemy to use for propaganda purposes.

Those damn Yankee devils with their fat hordes of gun-loving morons led by a warmongering cowboy caricaturing others. The nerve of them!

So sure, it's a messed up place. But that doesn't make it okay to devolve to old patterns of jingoistic racism, and turn "North Korean" into another iteration of the terrible N-word.

Well that's it. Saying North Korean is racist. The Guardian has said it and that's that.

Most North Koreans seemed to have little problem with the style of leadership. So when we make fun of the craziness of Kim Jong-un, we're making fun of an entire belief system and culture, which is racism at its facile best.

Most North Koreans will end up in a prison camp along with their children and grandchildren if they have any problem with his style of leadership.

That's the place where The Guardian would like to put most people who disagree with their style of propaganda.