Green Party Presidential Candidate Cynthia McKinney Claims Government Behind Marathon Massacre

Former Democratic Congresswoman, Bertrand Russell Tribunal on Palestine member and Green Party Presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney can always be counted on to offer her sage advice in any situation. And her usual advice either consists of blaming America or blaming the Jews.

This time she courageously decided to go with Plan A linking to a Truther article alleging the usual false flag stuff.

McKinney has a predictable record of this kind of stuff.

It was that kind of conspiracy theory that helped make McKinney a former member of Congress in the first place. In March 2002 McKinney suggested in a radio interview that President George W. Bush might have had prior knowledge of the September 11 terrorist attacks but did not act on it because a war on terrorism would boost defense stocks held by his father's friends. She lost the Democratic primary less than six months later.

Her public reputation wasn't emboldened when her father, a state legislator in Georgia, openly blamed her loss after a decade in Congress on the Jewish community.

Yet in 2004 McKinney made a comeback in Congress for one term. She proved controversial as ever. Her own party lost patience with her after she struck a Capitol police officer who had stopped her at a security checkpoint. In 2006 she again lost her House seat in the Democratic primary.

McKinney then quit the party and moved to the Greens. In fact she was the 2008 Green Party presidential nominee, receiving 0.12% of the votes cast.