Former UN Population Director has Great Plan for Destroying America

Absorbing 10 million people a year is all but impossible without major social dysfunction. Imagine a decade in which most of the major urban centers, already overloaded and crime ridden, triple in size?


Destroying America is big these days. Everyone wants to do it. Including retired UN bigwigs. Sure Obama is doing it pretty quickly, but what if we put the Destroy America bulldozer in gear and just rammed it forward while spouting absolutely insane ideas?

To answer that question we have this proposal from the former director of the United Nations Population Division to make America the most populous country in the world.

Sure you might be asking yourself, "Wait a minute. Is that a good thing. Why do we want to be the most populous country in the world?" But that's because you're a backward conservative who has not yet evolved into an understanding that a total welfare state based on dividing the food we don't have based on voter blocs is the only way to make America great.

The United States could aim to have largest population in the world before the end of the century, thus ensuring its power.

The US now has a population of 316 million - third largest after China, 1.36 billion, and India, 1.28 billion - and could aim for 1.6 billion, simply by opening wide its doors to immigration from across the globe as it did during most of its 237-year history.

If immigration to America were increased to 10 million immigrants per year throughout the remainder of this century, the demographic result would be a US population of about 940 million by 2060 and 1.60 billion by the close the 21stcentury (see Figure 1). The world's second and third largest populations in 2100 are projected to be India, 1.55 billion, and China, 0.94 billion.

We could also build the biggest stack of waffles in the world, but why should we? Are we really trying to compete for third place with booming world powers like Nigeria and Brazil that are in no way dangerously unstable and crime ridden?

Absorbing 10 million people a year is all but impossible without major social dysfunction. Imagine a decade in which most of the major urban centers, already overloaded and crime ridden, triple in size?

Imagine the American population becoming a minority in its own country in a mere three decades. This is the thinking of the left.

However, if in the coming decades America continues with net immigration of about 1.2 million annually, as currently assumed, the US population would reach 420 million by year 2060. Although this projected growth would be an increase of more than 100 million, the US population would fall to fourth place as Nigeria takes over the number three position with a projected population of 460 million in 2060.

Oh no! Not Nigeria. When Nigeria has the most people then it wins. That's how economies work. You get the most people and then you win.

Immigration is the chief source of America's population growth in the coming decades, unlike China, India and Nigeria. US fertility hovers around the replacement level of about two children per woman and is unlikely to change significantly in the foreseeable future.

It might if we redirected social spending away from the multiculturalism and back toward the family which many European  countries are beginning to do. It's what Russia and Germany are trying to do. Or we could just take in the populations of the most broken parts of the world and then commit national suicide as the crime rates and social welfare rates rise to unsustainable levels.

America could easily accommodate a larger population given its considerable size and abundant resources. A population of 1.6 billion would increase the nation's density from today's 33 persons per square kilometers to 165 persons in 2100, about half the level in Massachusetts today.

Which means goodbye national parks and thousand acre farms. America will be a giant slum and we'll somehow have to convince all those Indonesian immigrants to move to Alaska.

Increased demands for food, housing and energy could be handled with a revitalized US economy and developing underutilized land and natural resources, including natural gas and renewable sources of energy.

Or it could be handled with magic. That amounts to the same empty thing. But let's look forward to an America living cheek to cheek under roaring rows of windmills paid for by government subsidies.

Finally then the liberal utopia will have arrived. Along with the Soylent Green.

 Innovation and technology could alleviate negative environmental impacts, as has been demonstrated over the nation's two-century history.

You can't alleviate the environmental impact of settling 165 people per square kilometer with any technology. Even the Sierra Club knows that.

Today, the proportion of foreign born is 13 percent - leading states are California, 27 percent; New York, 22 percent; and New Jersey, 21 percent.

Those are also the states with the highest unemployment rates and the worst financial track records.

America's ethnic, cultural and personal ties, such as those now firmly established with Ireland, Israel and Italy, would be extended to encompass all nations.

With Sharia for all and Caliphates for none.

The issue of illegal immigration would no longer be a sensitive political matter occupying valuable time and resources of the US president or Congress.

Neither would money because it wouldn't exist anymore.

Enforcement, border patrol, legal/judicial hearings, incarceration and deportations would be negligible, saving the nation billions of dollars that could be used for rebuilding America's ailing infrastructure.

And we could also dismantle the police, end the drug war, open all prisons and save billions that we could use to build a giant bunker in which to huddle in until all the fires go out and the invaders board the longships and sail for Europe.

Furthermore, setting US immigration at 10 million per year would help repopulate and rejuvenate many declining and financially strapped cities, including Detroit, Newark or Stockton.

Everyone is fleeing those cities for a reason. Dumping 10 million Nigerians, Indonesians and Pakistanis into Detroit will not fix Detroit. It will make it that much worse.

It would ease the labor-shortages for farmers, food producers, working mothers, landscapers, health care providers, high-tech entrepreneurs and more. Energetic immigrants would take on jobs that Americans find difficult, decline to do or are not qualified to perform.

There is no labor shortage. People hire illegal aliens because they don't have to pay them minimum wage. If you legalize everyone, then new illegal aliens will have to be found.

Companies could choose from a terrifically expanded, motivated and youthful labor pool.

They already can. It's called massive unemployment.

Global opinion polls show that many people at virtually all skill levels would like to emigrate, and the number-one destination is overwhelmingly the United States.

And how long will that hold up when the United States is as much of a mess as the countries they came from?

Finally, with US immigration increased to 10 million per year, the enhanced America with a population of 1.6 billion by century's close would mean a more secure and flourishing world.

Bringing in tens of millions of Muslims a decade is bound to make America more secure.