Anonymous Tries to Expose Mossad Agents, Posts List of Random Jews and Muslims

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The caveat here is that Anonymous is on the shapeless side of things and #OpIsrael was largely the work of Muslim hackers presenting themselves as Anonymous. That also helps explain why it fizzled so badly. It used some of the usual tactics, but was largely the work of the same people who hack Jewish sites leaving misspelled hate-filled messages.

It's not a major surprise then that the big document reveal which claimed to consists of tens of thousands of names of Mossad agents turned out to be a list of random people. But by presenting the list as a collection of Mossad agents, the people on the list, especially the Muslims living under Hamas and Palestinian Authority rule, were placed in significant danger.

Here's how it began.

NOW: #RedHack and #Anonymous engaging Israel, releasing dox on govt officials, military, police and politicians. #OpIsrael

— Anonymous (@YourAnonNews) March 22, 2013

#OpIsrael: Alternate link to Israeli agents d0x leaked by @theredhack |… #FuckIsrael #FuckMossad End your terrorism!!

— Anonymous Operations (@Anon_Central) March 22, 2013


Red Hack, not to be confused with the Chinese Red Hackers Alliance, are Turkish Maoists and what they released was anything but the genuine article, as Yori Yanover at the Jewish Press tells us.

According to Ali Abunimah, On Friday, March 22, the English-language account for The Red Hack, a group of Turkish activist hackers, announced that it would be releasing “a large file regarding Israel.”

The Red Hack announced that the list it had acquired included the personal information of 35,000 Israeli officials — and then anti-Israel bloggers and The Red Hack themselves were goading each other to make more ambitious claims, “until finally they were 35,000 Mossad agents,” writes Abunimah.

Abuminah traced the list (on a PDF file) to GaZa HaCHeR, who published it in late November, 2012. It turns out to be a list of 35,000 names, phone numbers, addresses and emails of Israeli customers of imported goods.

Getting a list of 35,000 random Israelis wouldn't have been much of an achievement, but the list also included names of Muslims. And that was a major problem since PA and Hamas forces routinely execute their own people on charges of collaboration.

In attempting to damage Israel, Anonymous and Red Hack had instead put Muslims in danger from the Palestinian Authority and Hamas.

M. arrived at work last Friday morning in a city in the north of present-day Israel. As she walked in, one of her colleagues approached her with a look of concern and asked her to step outside. “Your name is on a list of Mossad agents,” M. recalls the colleague saying.

“‘Then congratulate me,’ I said, thinking this was all a strange joke,” M. recalls responding.

M., however, is a Palestinian, a citizen of Israel, with an Arabic name – although like all the other names on the list her name was written in the Hebrew alphabet. She was stunned.

The false accusation or suspicion of being an Israeli agent can be absolutely devastating for any Palestinian.

The Arab resident of one of the villages in the Upper Galilee, clicked to news site Panorama, to discover his name in the list of Mossad agents. Sparking surprise and dismay, he said in an interview: “I was shocked after I noticed that my name and my details appear in the list of Mossad agents, and to my even greater surprise and dismay, some people I have dealt with were listed, too. This is pure fabrication and extremely dangerous.”

Some Anon sites have been reposting the EI piece, but that hasn't stopped the supposed list from circulating, especially in the Muslim world.

The entire sad story is a reminder that the people who claim to care about Muslims in Israel mostly just hate Israel and end up hurting the people they claim to be fighting for.

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