Norwegian Comedy Show Offers Bieber Tickets in Exchange for Converting to Islam

I'm not sure what the lesson to be drawn from this is except that religion has grown rather weak in Europe and many teenagers have no idea what Islam is.

Anne Kat, a Norwegian comedy show named after Anne Katrine Hærland, a standup comedian who is not exactly a fan of religion, had a bit where two Muslim-looking men offered Justin Bieber concert tickets in exchange for converting to Islam. As with most shows that claim to use non-actors, there is no way to know what is real and what is staged. But we might as well take it at face value.

Tues­day night the Nor­we­gi­an TV chann­el TV­Nor­ge (TV Nor­way) broad­ca­s­ted an epi­so­de of the humor show «AnneKat», where girls in Oslo got to par­ti­ci­pa­te in a con­test to win tick­ets to a Jus­tin Bie­ber con­cert.

The girls had to rem­ove all makeup, put on a hijab and read so­met­hing which al­legedly was an Isla­mic creed, in Ara­bic. They also had to read out loud an Ara­bic text about Jus­tin Bie­ber being un­clean and pro­bab­ly gay.

"We wan­ted to find out how far Nor­we­gi­an be­lie­bers are wil­ling to go for tick­ets to one of the con­certs", tvshow host AnneKat Hær­land said while in­tro­du­cing the epi­so­de.

Bis­hop Halv­or Nord­haug, from the Nor­we­gi­an Lu­the­ran Church, thinks the epi­so­de te­sti­fies to Hær­lands’s lack of un­der­stan­ding of how much faith means for a lot of pe­op­le. "This is an examp­le of an idea where irony and lack of re­spect turns into so­met­hing tra­gic."

Nord­haug is cri­ti­cal of the epi­so­de, which he be­lie­ves crea­tes an im­pres­sion that Jus­tin Bie­ber is more im­por­tant than faith, and that pe­op­le are wil­ling to chan­ge re­li­gion for a con­cert tick­et.

But the real problem is that people indeed are.

Even if this was staged, there are plenty of people in the West to whom Christianity or Judaism means nothing at all. They have been fed the idea that all religions are basically the same. So why not trade one for the other?