3 Dumb Lefty Narratives About the Muslim Boston Bombings

Until recently the lefties were holding out hope for a white male bomber. Anything but a Muslim. Now that he is a Muslim the spinners are frantically trying to spin the story in a politically correct direction.

1. The bombers were "Caucasian" and that proves that racial profiling doesn't work.

Getting into the level of ignorance involved in that statement would be an article in and of itself. But no one except lefties were ever talking about racial profiling. The only discussions were about ideological profiling.

Islam is not a race, no matter how liberals act like it is. It's an ideology with homicidal components. Profiling Muslim terrorists based on ideology is common sense. Incorporating national origin to countries under the sway of Islam is no different than profiling potential Nazis or Communists based on travel from Nazi or Communist countries in the past. That will have a high error rate which is why it's important to distinguish refugees from Islam... from Islamists.

Profiling isn't perfect, but it beats politically correct ignorance.

2. Focus on Chechnya, Not Islam

Muslim terrorist attacks in the United States have been carried out by Saudis, Egyptians, Somalis, Pakistanis and domestic converts. Their only common denominator has been Islam.

Chechnya, like Afghanistan and Somalia, is an Islamist terrorist playground which makes its people more likely to turn terrorist, but it doesn't mean that being from a war-torn region is what caused them to turn terrorist. If that were the case then they would have gone on a killing spree much earlier.

Millions of immigrants have come here from war torn countries without turning into monsters. The main ingredient is not coming from a war torn country, but coming from a country torn apart by an ideology. And that ideology is Islam.

To understand what is going on in Chechnya, you have to understand Islam. And if you understand Islam, then you not only understand Chechnya, but also Pakistan, Egypt, Somalia and Afghanistan.

3. The bombers were poorly integrated

Integration is voluntary. Big eastern cities in the United States are about as multicultural as you can conceivably get. There are communities of every conceivable kind and language services for every group. That's not integration, but the left chose multiculturalism over integration. And that's a choice whose consequences they have to live with.

The Muslim bombers did circulate and they spent time with non-Muslims. One was married to a non-Muslim. They both spoke English.

The apologists will claim that they were distanced by Islamophobia, but those excuses don't hold water. Like every other immigrant, they were capable of making their lives what they wanted to be on their own terms. They were reasonably successful and living in a liberal city in a liberal state.

To really understand the contrast, watch the following interview with Front Page's own Bosch Fawstin whose bio is not that fundamentally dissimilar.

We make choices in life. The bombers were not oppressed. They were not repressed. They were conditioned by their culture and religion to do what they did. But behind that conditioning was a choice. They could have become Americans. Instead they chose to become Muslim terrorists.

The left's entire program is built on denying choice. On treating people like automatons who are forced by society to do what they do. That denial of free will is a lie. It's a vision of the world that is an inflexible and repressive as anything in Islam.