Obama Campaign To Go After Pro-Gun Democratic Senators

The eternal campaign is not only being used to target Republicans, but it's even being used to perpetrate "Night of the Long Knives" purges within his own party.

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The clash between Democratic Party supporters and opponents of the Second Amendment of the Bill of Rights is turning into a civil war as the Obama Campaign is preparing to target Democratic Senators who support the Second Amendment.

Obama sending out his political hit squad after Senators from his own party who dissented from him on one bill is creepy. The eternal campaign is not only being used to target Republicans, but it's even being used to perpetrate "Night of the Long Knives" purges within his own party.

The Democratic Party is being radicalized by the far left. It's hard to imagine that moderate Democrats like Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan or Senator Henry Jackson would have a place in a Democratic Party so radicalized that it is not only unable to tolerate moderate senators in New York or Washington, but that it can't even tolerate them in red states where they are the only alternative to Republican senators.

Jon Carson, executive director of Organizing for Action, told the Los Angeles Times / Tribune Washington Bureau on Thursday that the group will train its resources against the 45 senators who opposed the legislation, including Democrats Max Baucus of Montana, Mark Begich of Alaska, Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota and Mark Pryor of Arkansas.

“This is one of those moments where we have to prove that in the face of a setback we’re not backing down,” he added. “That’s the calculation that some senators were mistaken on.... The consequences they’re going to have to face are a bunch of angry constituents who are going to keep the issue alive.”

Carson is hiding behind terms like "Constituents", but Organizing for Action is the Obama campaign transformed into a SuperPAC and funded with special access for big donors to Obama. Their constituents are Obama officials and anyone willing to donate $500,000.

The response from Democratic senators that OFA plans to target was muted.

“Max’s job is to represent Montanans, so the only thing that influences his decisions is what is right for Montana,” said Baucus spokeswoman Jennifer Donohue.

The president’s move to preserve a power base outside of the Democratic National Committee triggered no small amount of anxiety within the party, with some activists fearing Organizing for Action will pull needed resources and energy away from the official party committees.

Still, the group’s decision to pressure Democrats over their opposition to the background check measure could exacerbate tensions. Organizing for Action does not engage in electoral politics, but its attacks on the gun bill could put lawmakers on the defensive. Among the four who voted against the legislation, all but Heitkamp are up for reelection in 2014.

This is a further attempt at hijacking the Democratic Party and placing it under the total control of Obama operatives. This is the Imperial Presidency that the Democrats yammered about under Bush... in action.