Boston Muslim Terrorist Demanded Girlfriend, Cover Up, Convert to Islam

He started talking about being angry with the government, and he said that he felt that Islam was under attack


Motive still a giant incomprehensible mystery. But there are suspicions that he was one of those Tea Party NRA type of people. Certainly his peaceful tolerant religion notorious for its love of kites, puppies, infidels and women had nothing to do with it.

NPR has done some background on Tamerlan Tsarnaev who, it turns out, was surprisingly Muslim. (Not that NPR can say so.) His Islamic attitudes extended to his treatment of American women.

LAURA SULLIVAN, BYLINE: Well, these women were close friends and roommates of Tamerlan's girlfriend, Katherine Russell, and they knew him for several years while they were in college. They described Tamerlan as very controlling and very manipulative of their friend. They say he was combative and angry. He would often call her names and insult her. He would call her a slut and a prostitute, and they remember fights that they would get into where he would fly into rages and sometimes throw furniture or throw things.

BLOCK: Have you confirmed that he was, in fact, arrested at one point for assault?

SULLIVAN: He was arrested for domestic assault and battery, but it was of a different woman.

We could have deported him once he was convicted of domestic abuse for the first time, but then he wouldn't have the opportunity to enrich our tapestry of diversity and murder an 8-year-old boy.

They had an on-again, off-again relationship, Katherine Russell and Tamerlan, and that was at a different period in about 2009, but over the years that they knew Tamerlan, and they knew him through Katherine, they say that, you know, he had really changed a lot. That he had started off in 2007 sort of partying with them - he would smoke, and he would drink - and then sometime around 2008, they say he became very religious, and he stopped smoking, and he stopped drinking, and he stopped going out with them. And it was at that point that they say he demanded that Katherine also convert to Islam and cover herself.

This isn't unusual. The secular Muslim can easily switch to become the religious Muslim. Sometimes the Muslim who seems secular is really religious.

The women who take up with these secular Muslim men discover that what they really want is a black burka and some black eyes in the proper Islamic tradition.

And then come the massacres of infidels.

BLOCK: Did these women talk about his political views, anything he might've said about that?

SULLIVAN: They said that when they first met him, he didn't seem particular political in any way, but that starting in about 2008 and 2009, they describe it as having an extremist point of view, that he started talking about being angry with the government, and he said that he felt that Islam was under attack

NPR has actually managed to do an interview that put the word "Islam" in there twice. But again we really don't know the motive. Our guess is he was probably angry because of Biden's common sense gun laws.

Just ask David Axelrod.