Gitmo Terrorists Enjoy the Good Life at Saudi Terror Rehab

The Saudis chop off the hands of thieves. They give terrorists a luxury resort


When the Saudi government prevails on the United States to release its Al Qaeda terrorists out of Gitmo and back to its loving arms for terror rehab, these are the types of places they go.

If you thought Gitmo with its menus, its overstocked film library and torrent of lefty sympathy was over the top, get really for a truly 5 star terror resort experience.

The conservative oil rich state is hoping to steer jailed al-Qaeda militants away from religious extremism with counselling, spa treatments and exercise at a luxury rehabilitation centre in Riyadh, news agencies there are reporting.

The luxury facilities, which the country has spared no expense on providing, include Olympic-size indoor swimming pool, a sauna, a gym and a television hall.

For those who have shown signs of good behaviour, two day breaks may be granted for those who wish proximity with their wives, in special 'suites' which are part of the complex.

The program will accommodate around 3,000 prisoners in 5 centres in the kingdom but it is the new facility in Riyadh, however, which is to offer prisoners a 'taste of luxury as an incentive to moderate their beliefs'.

The Riyadh luxury facility covers over area equivalent to around 10 football pitches and is designed to accommodate 228 prisoners from the 'deviant group,' the term used by Saudi authorities to refer to Al-Qaeda.

Now make no mistake about it, Saudi Arabia is not Sweden. Rehab centers like this aren't the consequence of a soft on crime attitude. If the Saudi regime really thought that Al Qaeda was as bad, as say shoplifting, hands would be whacked faster than you could say Allahkazaam.

The Saudis chop off the hands of thieves. They give terrorists a luxury resort. You would have to be a deluded Western politician not to grasp the obvious message.