Joe Biden Delivers 1 Minute of Pure Stupidity at Boston Memorial (VIDEO)

Remember that Obama brought Joe Biden on board for his "foreign policy expertise" and that Sarah Palin was an ignorant moron who was too dangerous to be allowed within sight of the big chair.

Okay, that's not exactly true. It's actually 1 minute and 25 seconds.

Before you watch this, remember that Obama brought Joe Biden on board for his "foreign policy expertise" and that Sarah Palin was an ignorant moron who was too dangerous to be allowed within sight of the big chair.

Joseph Robinette Biden tackles the big question of why the terrorists are trying to attack us and having surprised himself by asking himself the question, in his inimitable "talking slowly and hoping the audience mistakes a frantic search for ideas for ponderous pauses" explains why they hate us.

"They know they can never defeat us, they know that they can never overthrow us, they know that they can never occupy us. So why?  Why. Whether it's Al Qaeda's central out of the Fatah, or two twisted perverted, cowardly, knock-off jihadis here in Boston. Why do they do what they do?"

Biden doesn't quite seem to grasp that they don't know that at all. If they did know those things, they wouldn't be fighting us. Can they defeat us right now? Even with Obama's efforts, they're lagging on the homefront. Can they defeat us, if things go on this way, in another 50 years? Yes.

The man who can barely think 1 second ahead may have trouble imagining that anyone would plan that far ahead, but they do.

Fatah is a terrorist group, but it's a terrorist group funded by the Obama Administration in the form of aid to the Palestinian Authority. Apologists will scurry to explain that Biden was talking about Fatah al Islam, but that raises the question of why Biden would be talking about Fatah al Islam. But then again why does Biden do anything?

I've thought about it a lot. Because I deal with it a lot. And I've come to the conclusion which is not unique to me, but they do it to instill fear, to have us in the name of our safety and security jettison what we value most in the world, most valuable values about us, our open society, our system of justice that guarantees freedom, the access of all Americans to opportunity, the free flow of information and people across this country, our transparency... that's their target

Biden doesn't get himself nearly enough credit. I don't think anyone before has proposed that Muslim terrorists are targeting our transparency, but he has pieced together the old conservative thesis of "They hate us for our freedoms" and the liberal argument that if we crack down on the terrorists, then the terrorists win by forcing us to compromise on what the ACLU considers civil rights, into a confusing hybrid in which Al Qaeda knows it can't win but hopes to force us to engage in military commission trials and give up on equal access to opportunity.

All that seems more like the conclusion to a Republican bashing stump speech and that is probably how it started out with Biden giving up on the question of what the terrorists want and instead falling back on safe talk about the free flow of information and opportunity access.

If Biden had wanted to be the least bit relevant, he could have mentioned women's rights or freedom of speech, but tellingly he did not, instead he wheezed through a few randomly chosen liberal virtues of good government on the way to escaping the entire topic.

It's easy to mock Biden. He's an arrogant idiot who is bad at everything. His entire career is based on his ability to yell gibberish like this that stupid people nod along to because it sounds reassuring. And yet there is something troubling here when the man who could be president if a bolt of lightning strikes or a bicycle swerves into a lake utterly fails to articulate what it is that the people we are war with want and hope to achieve.

Does Biden really not know the answer? Does he really think that Al Qaeda just wants to make our government a bit more illiberal but doesn't believe that it can beat us? And if he does, what does that say about our political system?


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