Australian Military Brings Charges Against Reserve Officer for Criticizing Islam

"As I've written a number of times before, Australians urgently need to debate the pros and cons of continued Islamic immigration," he wrote in the post.


The first rule of Mass Muslim Immigration Club is no one talks about it. The second rule is that if they do talk about it, they are subjected to legal action.

Former Katter Australian Party senate candidate Bernard Gaynor claims he has been charged by the Australian Defence Force over comments he made about Muslim immigration and terrorism.

Mr Gaynor, an Army Reserve Intelligence Officer, has posted a series of blogs arguing Islam immigration should be limited and in the wake of the Boston bombings re-aired his views.

He said he was charged on Monday by the ADF for bringing the organisation into disrepute and responded by saying it was proof political correctness was hampering the ADF's ability to fight against Islamic violence.

"It is outrageous that the Australian Defence Force is charging me for discussing Islam," he said in a statement.

His latest blog about limiting Muslim immigration is titled "ASIO concern highlights need for immigration debate" and was posted in the wake of the Boston bombings.

"As I've written a number of times before, Australians urgently need to debate the pros and cons of continued Islamic immigration," he wrote in the post.

"News that ASIO is concerned that hundreds of Muslim Australians have gone to Syria to fight with radical Islamist groups highlights that this debate must be had.

"In my opinion, it is easier to keep the chilli powder in the can than trying to pick it out of the flour once it is dropped in."

Mr Gaynor said there was a logical inconsistency between fighting a war against people who espouse violent Islamic beliefs in Afghanistan while having an immigration policy which allows Muslims to settle in Australia.

Gaynor, a conservative Christian, who some see as the Australian version of Rick Santorum, was charged even though an internal ADF investigation found no basis for action. According to Gaynor's blog, the hearing has since been postponed.

Some of the points Gaynor made in his article dealt with the scale of commitment by Muslim settlers in Australia to Jihadist wars.

The Islamic community is sending its sons off to fight a war and support an enemy that has an ideology not much different than the Taliban’s. And their participation rate in this conflict is much higher, on a demographic basis, than Australia’s involvement in Afghanistan.

Australia has an Islamic population of about 476,000 people. If just 100 of them are fighting in Syria, it would be equivalent to the Australian community deploying 4,800 soldiers in Afghanistan.  But there are only about 1550 Australian Diggers in Afghanistan.

If there are 200 Australian Muslims fighting in Syria it would be equivalent to sending a third of the Australian Army overseas.

Remember, these people are not fighting in the Australian uniform or under the Australian flag. They are supporting groups that are violently opposed to Australia’s way of life. And one day they will come home, bringing with them all their military experience and ideological beliefs.