Gun Control Columnist Mike Lupica Claims Constitution Written 1,000 Years Ago

"The leaders of the NRA don’t speak for responsible gun owners in America, and never have. They don’t even speak to the spirit of the Second Amendment, written about a thousand years ago for single-shot muskets".


The irony is that Lupica makes the claim in a Daily News rant that calls Sarah Palin and her fans, "dumb".

The few people who still read the New York Daily News (the tabloid's circulation fell 11 percent in March) know Mike Lupica as a sports columnist. But Lupica got bored with the pedestrian business of doing his job a while back. After September 11, Lupica began to focus more on illiterate tirades about Bush and the War on Terror. With Bush gone, Lupica has joined the New York Daily News in its mental breakdown over gun control.

When the New York Daily News isn't running photos of celebrity malfunctions on its front page, it's splashing hysterical denunciations of the failure of the latest gun control measure.

Hysterical might be too mild a word. Crazy would be a better one.

At the center of the Daily News' dementia is Mike Lupica, working hard to transform himself into an even more low rent Don Imus. But Imus at least helped touch off the chain of events that led to New Jersey Governor Corzine tumbling out of office (and into MF Global). Mike Lupica is just a frenzied poodle pretending to be a political commentator.

The Daily News does need its poodles. It doesn't have much else going for it. But it's when Mike Lupica tries pretending to be a serious columnist that he falls backward on his ass.

The Daily News' gun control obsession meant that it could no more restrain itself from unleashing its venom on the NRA convention than the paper could stop itself from bleeding more red ink all over the place.

"From the time John McCain picked her out of the chorus, Palin has most appealed to mean, dumb, angry crowds exactly like the one she found in Houston," Lupica declares.

Unfortunately he's confusing his own fanbase with Palin's. The only people who read Mike Lupica are still trying to figure out how words work.

Then Lupica calls her dumb a second time, because he knows his readership is only slightly more illiterate than him, and claims "unintended self-parody is another of her specialties."

Again, that's a problem Lupica suffers from. Not Palin.

The leaders of the NRA don’t speak for responsible gun owners in America, and never have. They don’t even speak to the spirit of the Second Amendment, written about a thousand years ago for single-shot muskets. They just continue to pound away at the same insane theme: Gun control is the beginning of the government coming to take their guns. As Gov. Cuomo has said, the image you get is some guy with a rifle in an attic window, watching as tanks come up his driveway.

It's not just that Mike Lupica, a man who thinks his DVD drive is a drink holder, just half an article calling Palin dumb, while making a statement that would qualify him to be one of those idiots Jay Leno runs into on the street...

but Lupica has been billing himself as some sort of expert on gun control. And the Daily News has made gun control its fanatical crusade. And yet the entire Daily News brain trust and Lupica weren't aware, not of some fine point about assault rifles or the second amendment or the exact date that the Constitution was written... but they couldn't even get it anywhere near the right century.

Lupica and Co. are morons who think the Fourth of July celebrates fireworks and that Columbus is the name of the guy who invented the deli, and yet their even more illiterate readers are supposed to take them as some sort of experts on gun control.

It's not that Mike Lupica is incapable of learning such a basic fact of American history. He just doesn't care. He may be stupid, but nobody is this stupid. A level of ignorance this profound is an act of contempt.

And that's what gun control is. It's an act of contempt for American history and tradition. It's an act of contempt for American gun owners. It's an act of contempt for facts and reason.