London Spends More on Welfare than the Entire UK Spends on Defense

Make welfare not war seems to be the new slogan


Liberals like to claim that if we only spent as much on welfare, housing for the homeless, education and the whole package as we do on all our missiles and battleships, then we wouldn't need the missiles and battleships.

London may offer a different sort of lesson in the nature of welfare migration magnets.

London's benefits bill has soared to more than the British defence budget, a new report warned today.

The study by the Centre for Social Justice highlighted that £36 billion ($54,450,000,000) went on working-age welfare payments in 2011/12 in the capital, compared with defence spending of £33.8 billion ($51,159,680,000.)

The benefits bill in Croydon alone was £1.7 billion, followed by Newham and Enfield, both £1.6 billion, and Barnet and Ealing on £1.5 billion, according to the analysis.

Make welfare not war seems to be the new slogan. It worked out well in Boston and in Woolwich. Not only are the welfare bills higher, but so are the security bills and the defense bills.