Stabber of French Soldier Prayed Before He Stabbed

"He was filmed praying near where the attack took place."


Religion clearly had nothing to do with it. Certainly not the religion of peacefully stabbing people.

Anti-terrorism investigators now say they have "high quality images" of a "tall, athletic bearded man" aged about 30, possibly of North African origin, praying near the spot where he attacked the 23-year-old soldier from behind with a knife or a box-cutter on Saturday. He then fled into a crowded train station and is still at large.

"He was filmed praying near where the attack took place. After the attack he can be seen leaving the shopping centre of La Défense (business district)," a source close the investigation told Le Parisien.

Say your prayers is really bad news when the prayers are for the murder of infidel non-Muslims.

But the soldier's girlfriend, Aurélie, said he was in a state of shock and bolted upright in his hospital bed when a nurse came in during the night, convinced it was his attacker "come to finish the job".

I wonder what the religion of the nurse was.

French president François Hollande said that while “all hypotheses” will be investigated, there did not appear to be a link with the murder in London.

Except the prayer to Allah link.

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