Muslim Brotherhood Parliamentarian in Israel Proposes Law Criminalizing Mohammed Cartoons

MK Sheikh Ibrahim Sarsur called for establishing an Islamic Caliphate with its capital in Jerusalem and met with terrorists from the Muslim Brotherhood's Hamas arm


The Arab representation in the Israeli Knesset, its parliament, lately seems to have too many figures from the Islamic Movement, which is the Israeli version of the Muslim Brotherhood.

MK Sheikh Ibrahim Sarsur in 2011 praised Hezbollah and called for establishing an Islamic Caliphate with its capital in Jerusalem and met with terrorists from the Muslim Brotherhood's Hamas arm. Now he's proposing a law criminalizing Mohammed cartoons.

Recently there have been increasing attempts to directly or indirectly harm the religious sentiments of the different sectors in general and Muslims in particular.

Most of the damage is reflected in curses and slurs and various offensive statements against the prophets. Hence there is a need to clarify that a curse and slander is an injury to their faith and the religious feelings of others.

Also, to publish a picture or cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad hits hard at the feelings of believing Muslim, since Islamic law prevents and prohibits any photo and cartoon or any attempt to embody or illustrate the Prophet Muhammad, let alone when suppressed curses, drawings or Cartoons, places the Muslims and their holy symbols in a very negative light.

While the law probably won't go anywhere, Israel, like Europe, has already largely criminalized offending Muslims with Mohammed cartoons.


Tatiana was a young woman who decided to express some of her frustration and anger at the war of terrorism the Palestinians were waging against her fellow Jews. In June of 1997, she drew several pictures of a pig she called “Mohamed.” She attempted to post these drawings on Arab-owned stores in Hebron… not unlike some of the distasteful pictures Arabs posted on Jewish stores and buildings all the time. Unfortunately, Tatiana’s budding art career was cut short for she was apprehended by the Israeli authorities and brought to the Jerusalem Police station. Tatiana was arrested and later put on trial. Judge Zvi Seagal presided over this case. The judge compared her drawing to the atrocities committed by the Nazis, and said she had no respect for humanity and human rights.

In the judge’s view she was guilty of incitement, racism and perhaps even endangering world peace!

And on January 8, 1998, twenty-six year-old Tatiana Soskin was sentenced by the Jerusalem District Court to two years in prison plus a one-year suspended sentence for ATTEMPTING to post drawings of a pig named “Mohamed.”

Daniel Pipes covered the Clinton Administration's hysterical reaction to the case suggesting that the whole thing may have come about due to diplomatic pressure from the White House.

The State Department spokesman last Thursday launched into a tirade of a sort that may be unique in the annals of U.S. diplomacy. Asked about a woman, Tatiana Soskin, who allegedly put up some posters in Hebron depicting the Prophet Muhammad as a pig, Nicholas Burns had this to say:

The United States has given great thought to this over the last couple of days, and I mean at the very highest levels of our government. We condemn the outrageous, crude and sick portrayal of the Prophet Mohammed by an Israeli settler the other day. This woman is either sick or she is evil.... We are very pleased that she is going to be put on trial by the Israeli Government. She deserves to be put on trial for these outrageous attacks on Islam. We are grateful that President Weizman and Prime Minister Netanyahu have denounced her and her actions and her sick cartoon in very clear terms.

This amazing statement for several reasons deserves a close look. First, by referring to the "very highest levels of our government," Mr. Burns is signalling that he is speaking for President Clinton. His comments are not one man's tirade but the considered and official response bearing the full authority of our leadership.