Hillary SuperPAC Headed by Radical Environmentalist Sweatshop Owner and Hurricane Chasing Giffords Lawyer

Susie Tompkins Buell has given plenty of her blood millions to Democrats, but then she decided that Obama wasn't radical enough on the environment.


Hillary Clinton's new SuperPAC, created while she transitions to "private life" is called Ready for Hillary. That's supposed to be a nod to two terms of Obama during which the country was ready for a corrupt junior senator with a history of cocaine abuse, but not for Bill Clinton's wife.

By 2016, Ready for Hillary hopes we'll be ready for Hillary. A bunch of people in Benghazi hoped Hillary would be ready to help them and we know how that turned out.

Since politics is about big money, Hillary donors are already ready to give Hillary lots of money in exchange for wink wink, nudge nudge, say no more.

Susie Tompkins Buell, a San Francisco philanthropist and co-founder of the Esprit clothing line, and Steve and Amber Mostyn, Houston trial lawyers who helped bankroll a pro-Obama super PAC last year, are leading the fundraising efforts Ready for Hillary.

The pro-Clinton super PAC launched its National Finance Council on Tuesday and named Buell and the Mostyns founding members.

So who is Ready for Hillary anyway?

Susie Tompkins Buell was a sweatshop owner and radical environmentalist. (Funny how the two go together) whose Esprit clothing line combined a hippie "Save the World" brand with shameless exploitation of workers.

“Just six months earlier, in a bust of eight Bay Area garment contractors, three of those cited were working for Esprit... Although the minimum wage is barely livable at $4.25 an hour, the shop contracted by Esprit paid only $3.75 with no overtime.”

"In 1972, Esprit opened its own garment factory in San Francisco's Chinatown, the Great Chinese American Sewing Company, which employed about 100 people. When the workers tried to organize soon afterward, Esprit busted the union. According to the National Labor Relations Board, Esprit threatened, harassed and intimidated the workers and then shut down the would-be union plant."

“That year Esprit also received much favorable publicity for a campaign that invited consumers to fill out cards finishing the sentence, If I could change the world, I‟d… Esprit turned the responses into an $8 million public education/adcampaign.

"We thought, wouldn't it be great to give voice to these people. … there was so much passion," explains Esprit public relations director Cassie Ederer.

Liberal business as usual in other words. Don't pay workers. Do spend 8 million dollars talking about how to change the world to buy yourself a good progressive image.

And yes, big money donor Buell was a member of Soros' Democracy Alliance. Because nothing says democracy like buying elections with sweatshop money.

Susie Tompkins Buell has given plenty of her blood millions to Democrats, but then she decided that Obama wasn't radical enough on the environment. And cut Barry off.

Her endorsement of Hillary and willingness to give more blood money to the Lady Macbeth of Benghazi suggests that she expects Hillary Clinton to be even more anti-business and anti-drilling than Obama is.

And then there's Steve Mostyn, a Texas lawyer who cashes in on storm victims, who is also the man behind the Giffords anti-gun campaign. Mostyn's bigger agenda is to kill any tort reform measures and to do that he needs political influence. Mostyn's base of operations is in Texas, but recently he crept into New York City, Hillary Clinton's base, to cash in on Hurricane Sandy.

Much farther east, Mostyn sees potential riches on the horizon. The lure of New York, and all those insurance claims spawned by the destructive wrath of Superstorm Sandy, is irresistible for an ambitious litigator with political connections, piles of money and a fearsome reputation.

For Hurricane Ike, which hit the Texas coast in 2008, Mostyn’s firm collected about $1.4 billion in settlements, around $100,000 per plaintiff, Mostyn said. “I think you’re looking at a larger dollar amount up there,” he added.

But Mostyn already has fans, like Carleanne Fierro, 51, a swim club owner from Pound Ridge, N.Y., whose house was damaged and is glad to know the hulking Texas lawyer is coming.

Fierro, who lives in a town about 13 miles from Long Island Sound and 40 miles from Manhattan, said she quickly became frustrated seeking help with her claims from New York lawyers.

When she found Mostyn’s firm, she signed a contract quickly.

“It is worth the 40 percent just for someone to listen to my story and be kind to me,” she said.

These are the kinds of parasites and exploiters heading up Ready for Hillary. Susie Tompkins Buell and Steve Mostyn are ready for Hillary. And the rest of the country should be ready for them.