Obama Loosens Iran Sanctions so Ahmadinejad Can Buy an iPhone

Obama may not care if Americans don't have jobs but he does care if Iranians don't have the latest iPhone.

AHMADINEJAD PHONE Get this man an iPhone Stat

You know there are people out there who think that Obama doesn't care. But that's not true. Sure Obama doesn't care whether Americans have jobs or whether Iran gets a nuke.

But Obama does care if Iranians don't have the latest iPhone.

The United States was set to relax sanctions on Iran on Thursday to allow American companies to sell mobile phones, software and other technology used for personal communications to Iranians, two U.S. officials said.

The move, expected later on Thursday, will allow Iranians to get access to the latest Apple phones and newest software that have only been available on Tehran's black market since sanctions were first imposed in 1992.

The easing of sanctions on technology may be an attempt by the U.S. government to develop goodwill with Iranian citizens before the Iranian national elections next month.

The U.S. government first eased some technology restrictions after the election in 2010, allowing U.S. companies to export to Iran some basic software and free Internet services such as chat and email.

But the move on Thursday goes further, allowing companies to sell software and hardware to Iranian citizens, Wendy Sherman, undersecretary for political affairs at the U.S. State Department, said in an interview on the BBC Persian service late on Wednesday.

"We have no desire to cut off communications," she said in the interview, which first announced the looser rules. "We in fact want to encourage communications in every way we can."

The English transcript from Sherman's interview was provided by the National Iranian American Council, a non-profit group that has long urged the U.S. government to ease restrictions on Iran that hurt ordinary citizens but do little to hinder the government's actions.

The NIAC is Iran's lobby in the United States. Obama has appointed some people associated with it to important positions. One of them is Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel.