Nicole Lynn Mansfield, American Woman Converts to Islam, Joins Al Qaeda, Dies in Syria

A mosque on American soil is a recruitment center for international terrorism.


There seems to have been a string of Jihadist convert murders and attempted murders. Two Muslims converts murdered a British soldier in London. A Muslim convert in France attempted to murder a French soldier. Now Nicole Lynn Mansfield, an American woman who married a Muslim and converted to his religion, went all the way, going off to fight with the Al-Qaeda linked Al-Nusra Front in Syria and died there.

The report — from a Syrian media outlet called Breaking News on its website — sought to portray Mansfield as an extremist who was fighting with two other people from England; it said that government forces shot her dead along with her British companions. They reportedly had rifles, clips of ammunition, grenades and the flag of al-Nusra, a group related to al-Qaida.

“I’m sick over it,” Speelman said of her niece’s death. “I didn’t think she was (a terrorist), but God only knows.”

Speelman and other family members said Mansfield met an immigrant from the Arab world several years ago and married him. She then converted to Islam and started wearing the hijab.

They divorced about three years ago after he was able to get a green card that allowed him to stay long-term in the U.S.

About two to three years ago, Mansfield went to Dubai, upsetting her family, Speelman said. They urged her to come back, which she did.

Family members said they don’t know the name of the Arab man she married. They also said they don’t know when or why she went to Syria.

“It bothered me” that she converted and started wearing a headscarf, Speelman said.

But Nicole Mansfield, who has an 18-year-old daughter, was adamant that Islam was a good path to take.

She told people “that the best way of life was to be a Muslim. And that women should wear scarves ... women should always cover their head,” Nicole’s grandmother, Carole Mansfield, 72, told the Free Press.

Speelman's mother, Monica Mansfield Speelman, told the Detroit Free Press that her niece was a convert to Islam who married an Arab immigrant several years ago but later divorced him. The family was not happy about Mansfield's conversion to Islam, said Monica Speelman and Mansfield's grandmother, Carole Mansfield.

Nicole Mansfield was raised as a Baptist and her father was a General Motors production worker, the family said. She quit high school after becoming pregnant but later earned her GED, attended community college and worked in home health care for 10 years, they said.

"She had a heart of gold" but was easily influenced by others, Carole Mansfield said. "I think she could have been brain washed."

The media will probably try to spin Nicole Lynn Mansfield's death into war propaganda, but she went to a war zone and she likely was Sunni, which meant she was on the side of the rebels. The British Muslims headed to Syria are largely Al Qaeda. If she was with them, then she was an enemy of the United States.

It's probably best that she died over there. If she was willing to link up with British Jihadists in Syria, the odds are good that she would have seen her way clear to joining in on a terrorist attack in the United States.

Like any other cult, Islam is good at sucking people in and turning them into zombie fanatics for its cause. There have been too many cases of converts to Islam trying to prove their worth through acts of murder. All this is yet another reminder that a mosque on American soil is a recruitment center for international terrorism.