Susan Rice Goes From Lying About Benghazi to Being the National Security Adviser

Susan Rice's real qualification for the job is her willingness to cover up failures and scandals in exchange for appointments.


If there was ever a really bad time to appoint a woman who is best known for lying to the media to a top position, it would be now. But Obama is clearly too arrogant to care.

His temper tantrum over being blocked from appointing Susan Rice as Secretary of State was an ugly mixture of petulance and entitlement. Now he is "getting his way" by appointing her National Security Adviser even though the main things she is known for are lying about Benghazi and supporting African dictators.

But considering the complete lack of actual national security in this administration, Susan Rice is as unqualified as anyone to advise on it.

President Barack Obama's top national security adviser Tom Donilon is resigning and will be replaced by Susan Rice, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations who has been a lightning rod for Republican criticism over faulty explanations for the attack that killed four Americans in Benghazi, Libya.

Donilon has been a key foreign policy adviser to Obama. But the 58-year-old had been expected to depart sometime this year, with Rice seen as the likely candidate to replace him. Her selection is sure to anger congressional Republicans who have accused the administration of inconsistency and a cover-up in the Benghazi attacks.

And it's not just Benghazi. Rice has a history of this sort of thing.

In the spring of 1998, Prudence Bushnell, the U.S. ambassador to Kenya, sent an emotional letter to Secretary of State Madeleine Albright begging for a more secure embassy in the face of mounting terrorist threats and a warning that she was the target of an assassination plot.

The State Department had repeatedly denied her request, citing a lack of money. But that kind of response, she wrote Albright, was “endangering the lives of embassy personnel.”

A matter of months later, on Aug. 7, 1998, the American embassies in Tanzania and Kenya were simultaneously attacked with car bombs. In Kenya, 12 American diplomats and more than 200 Africans were killed.

As in Benghazi, requests for more security were denied, warnings were issued, prior incidents were ignored and Susan Rice went on TV to explain it all.

Within 24 hours, Rice, then assistant secretary of state for African affairs, went on PBS as spokesperson for the administration — just as she was regarding Benghazi when she parroted the administration’s false narrative on five Sunday talk shows on Sept. 16, 2012, that Benghazi was caused by a flash mob enraged by an Internet video. Then, as now, she worked for a Clinton.

So you can see what Susan Rice's real qualifications for the job are. She's willing to cover up failures and scandals in exchange for appointments.