Rubio to Conservatives: "Border Security Before Legalization" / Rubio to Hispanics: "Legalization Before Border Security"

So we've got a plan being sold in two different ways to two different groups. And those ways contradict each other


There are two Rubios. And maybe there are many Rubios. There can be a Rubio for everyone. Whatever your opinion, there is a Rubio out there for you. If you don't like your Rubio, call 1-800-RUBIO and a new Rubio will be swiftly dispatched to your house in the hopes of meeting your Rubio needs and expectations.

In his own appearance on the Spanish-language Univision network, Mr. Rubio tried to assuage some Hispanics who fear that their legal status will be held hostage to border security. Mr. Rubio said illegal immigrants will get quick legal status and work permits regardless of whether the borders are secure — but won’t be given a full pathway to citizenship until more enforcement is imposed.

“Nobody is talking here about preventing legalization. Legalization will take place,” Mr. Rubio told Univision in an interview scheduled to air Sunday.

“First comes legalization, then comes this border security measure and then comes the permanent residency process. What we are talking about here is the permanent residency system,” Mr. Rubio said. “Regarding legalization, a vast majority of my colleagues have already accepted that: that it must take place and that it must start at the same time we start with what has to do with security. That is not conditional. Legalization is not conditional.”

As Drew at Ace points out, Rubio's own website says "No undocumented immigrant is eligible to apply for temporary status until the border security and fencing plan is in place."

So we've got a plan being sold in two different ways to two different groups. And those ways contradict each other. This is a problem in the age of the internet when these things can be collated and seen.

Rubio probably thinks this is a smart way of getting everyone on board while convincing them to meet in the middle. But that just means he has been swept up by the D.C. culture and has completely lost touch with anything but the ends and is no longer aware that the means he is using are clumsily dishonest.

Rubio tried to lock down the nomination. Instead the Democrats succeeded in destroying a promising Republican by exploiting his ambition.