Rand Paul on Amnesty: "Imagine 12 Million New Taxpayers"

Sen. Rand Paul (R.-Ky.) said to illegal aliens who want to live and work in the United States: “[W]e will find a place for you.”

Read his lips Read his lips

Except of course they're not actually taxpayers. A taxpayer provides a net gain. Someone who takes more out of the system than he pays into the system is not a taxpayer.

In his prepared text for a speech he is delivering today at National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference and Latino Partnership for Conservative Principles, Sen. Rand Paul (R.-Ky.) said to illegal aliens who want to live and work in the United States: “[W]e will find a place for you.”

Paul also said he envisioned today’s illegal aliens becoming additional “taxpayers.” “Imagine 12 million people who are already here coming out of the shadows to become new taxpayers,” said Paul.

Ann Coulter already said this one best.

It's as if he's talking to someone who has never been to America and is unfamiliar with its tax system.

By "paying taxes," Rubio means "filing a tax return and getting a payment back from the government in the form of the earned income tax credit." Another term for what Rubio calls "paying taxes" is "receiving welfare" -- which newly legalized illegals will start receiving right away under Rubio's plan. The only tax they'll pay is the same tax they pay now: sales tax.

The Heritage study already found that the 12 million new taxpayers would be a burden on the system in the trillions. They will pay some taxes, but get far more back in benefits.

“In order to bring conservatives to this cause however, those who work for reform must understand that a real solution must ensure that our borders are secure,” said Paul. “But we also must treat those who are already here with understanding and compassion.”

Nobody who wants to legalize millions of illegal aliens wants to secure the borders. Let's just accept that as a fact. The two are not ideologically compatible. It's like announcing that you want to surrender to China but you support a strong national defense.

The rest is full of Rubioisms.

"Paul said that his plan would first secure the border and then grant work visas to illegal aliens.

“The first part of my plan--border security--must be certified by Border Patrol and an Investigator General and then voted on by Congress to ensure it has been accomplished,” said Paul. “This is what I call, Trust but Verify."

“Conservatives are wary of amnesty. My plan will not grant amnesty or move anyone to the front of the line,” said Paul. :But what we have now is de facto amnesty. The solution doesn’t have to be amnesty or deportation-a middle ground might be called probation where those who came illegally become legal through a probationary period.”

Great. De facto amnesty. The ultimate dishonest Rubioism.

But how exactly is this a middle ground? If you're legalizing illegal aliens, then you're granting them amnesty and spare us the back of the line and paying taxes nonsense.

The real question is path to citizenship. Last time around Rand had it in his prepared remarks but left it out during his speech, but eventually sort of admitted he supported it.

Really I prefer McCain on amnesty to Rubio and Rand since he at least says what he means openly without any of the hedging or word games. It's better to have someone come right out and tell you he wants amnesty, than to have someone make you spend an hour parsing his remarks.

 Senator Rand Paul, a conservative Republican whose vote is being courted by supporters of a broad U.S. immigration bill, said on Sunday he is open to voting for the measure but wants changes, including tougher border security requirements.

UPDATE: Here's the speech.

"We’re not talking about criminals we’re talking about immigrant workers caught up in a failed government visa program."


They got caught up in a failed visa program that involved illegally crossing the border?

My plan will not impose a national ID card or mandatory E-Verify, forcing businesses to become policemen.

So again, no internal enforcement.