Obama Approves Weapons Shipments to Syrian Terrorists

A decision had been made and the decision is war


Syrian War junkies know that there is now an official US finding that Assad used chemical weapons. The finding after the uncomfortable double talk from Obama Inc indicates that a decision had been made and the decision is war.

If the plan we've gotten a look at now is any indication, Obama is still going for minimal risk with a limited no fly zone strip adjoining Jordan that will allow Sunni Jihadists and their Turkish, Qatari and British trainers a safe base to operate.

Obviously there will be no UN or Congressional approval for this, which puts Obama's latest war a notch below the war in neighboring Iraq that he opposed. But just as in Libya, you can count on Obama refusing to call Syria a war and on the media's willingness to accede to that fraud.

For the moment we are moving on weapons shipments. This is a progressive step that is unlikely to achieve the intended effect, which is the reversal of the Assad-Hezbollah gains.

The U.S. will provide direct military aid to the Syrian opposition after confirming that Bashar al-Assad’s regime used chemical weapons in the country’s civil war and amid recent battlefield setbacks by rebel groups.

Two European officials said they expect the assistance to include arming the opposition, probably through Jordan. U.S. President Barack Obama’s aides refused to say whether the decision announced yesterday extends to lethal assistance.

According to McCain however we are talking arms.

Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., one of the strongest proponents of U.S. military action in Syria, said he was told Thursday that Obama had decided to “provide arms to the rebels,” a decision confirmed by three U.S. officials. The officials cautioned that no decisions had been made on the specific type of weaponry or when it would reach the Syrian rebels, who are under increasing assault from Assad’s forces.

But as usual getting a straight answer out of Obama Inc. is virtually impossible.

The White House declined to comment on the authorization, saying only that Mr. Obama had decided to ramp up “military support” to moderate rebels both in “scope and scale.”

U.S. officials also told The Wall Street Journal on Thursday that the U.S. military proposal for arming the rebels also calls for a limited no-fly zone inside Syria that would be enforced by U.S. and allied planes from Jordanian territory to protect Syrian refugees and rebels who would train there.

Still we have a good idea where this is headed. The question is whether Obama will give the Sunni Jihadists any heavy weapons. If he does, those weapons will show up eventually in use against the United States and that will make Fast and Furious look like a footnote.