Obama Official Says White House in Complete Control of Gang of 8

Obama and White House officials have kept a low profile to avoid deterring GOP cooperation


If you were looking for another reason to feel completely confident about the Gang of 8's amnesty bill. Here it is. The 9th member of the gang is Obama. And he's the senior ranking member.

The White House is playing a larger role in developing the Gang of Eight’s immigration bill than its supporters publicly admit, according to a forthcoming article in The New Yorker.

“‘No decisions are being made without talking to us about it,’ the official said of the Gang of Eight negotiations … ‘This does not fly if we’re not O.K. with it,’” a senior Obama official told author Ryan Lizza for the pending article.

White House officials also believe the emerging bill will be a huge success for President Barack Obama.

“If a Gang of Eight-style bill is signed into law by the President, it will probably be one of the top five legislative accomplishments in the last twenty years,” the official said. “It’s a huge piece of business.”

A White House spokesman said earlier that White House lawyers are participating in the drafting of the bill. But Obama and White House officials have kept a low profile to avoid deterring GOP cooperation.

However, they expect to seize the credit from Latinos once a bill is signed, the New Yorker article said. “We’re not worried about short-term political credit. We’ll get plenty of it if it gets signed,” the official told The New Yorker.

Any Republican who backs amnesty is getting played like a fiddle by Obama.