Rubio Can't Cut It

What does Marco Rubio stand for? Anything you want him to.


Marco Rubio is likable. That likability is his chief asset. Even as he champions a wildly unpopular bill among his own base, his numbers remain high. It's not just magic.

Rubio is everywhere. If you tune in to Univision, you can hear him promising legalization. If you watch FOX News, you'll hear him express disappointment in his own bill, almost sounding as he might not vote for the very thing that he has staked his entire career on.

There are many Rubios. At times it seems as if there are as many Rubios as there are Obama. A flock of smiling men with neat black hair who can talk Tupac, the American dream and anything in between for as long as you want them too.

Anyone can have a Rubio and if you don't like your Rubio, just send him back and in two to four weeks a new Rubio will arrive hoping to meet your expectations.

Who is the real Rubio? Is he the passionate conservative or a sharp Florida politician? Is he the man saying that border security comes before legalization to a conservative audience or the man saying that legalization comes before border security to an Hispanic audience?

The real Rubio isn't likable. The real Rubio wants to be liked. The real Rubio is desperately insecure and desperate to please everyone at the same time. The real Rubio is in over his head.

A Rubio aide was quoted as saying that there are American workers who can't cut it. That is no doubt true and Rubio is one of them. Marco Rubio moved up the ladder too fast. Too much was put on him too fast and he's trying to juggle everything in the air without dropping his likability.

What does Marco Rubio stand for? Anything you want him to.