New Iranian President's Son Committed Suicide Over Father's Extremism

"I hate your government, your lies, your corruption, your religion, your double acts and your hypocrisy," wrote the future president's son in his suicide note.


The news is full of cheerful reports that Iran new clerical president Hassan Rouhani is a "moderate". Since Hassan Rouhani was really chosen by the clerical regime, rather than the voters, as the last election should have made clear, Hassan Rouhani's supposed moderation doesn't matter.

Iran's government has not changed. Only the guy out front has. Iran is still run by an alliance between Islamist clerics and the Islamist militias of the Revolutionary Guard.

And Hassan Rouhani is about as moderate as Ahmadinejad. He just wears a better public face.

The leading London-based pan-Arab newspaper al-Sharq al-Awsat reports today that Iranian President-Elect Hassan Rouhani's eldest son took his own life in 1992, in protest at his father's involvement with Iran's murderous Islamic regime and his father's close ties to Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

"I hate your government, your lies, your corruption, your religion, your double acts and your hypocrisy," wrote the future president's son in his suicide note, according to the Saudi-owned paper. "I am ashamed to live in such an environment where I'm forced to lie to my friends each day, telling them that my father isn't part of all of this. Telling them my father loves this nation, whereas I believe this to be not true. It makes me sick seeing you, my father, kiss the hand of Khamenei."

Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei would be the guy who actually runs the country and chose Rouhani. The Revolutionary Guard has endorsed him.

Rouhani has been involved in the Islamic revolution since its murderous beginning. In 1978 he moved to France to join Ayatollah Khomeini, the founder of the Islamic revolution, who was living in exile in Paris.

He then helped found the Islamic regime in Tehran and for the last three decades has been intimately involved in its security apparatus (which has killed and tortured hundreds of thousands of people).

Among the security positions Rouhani has held:

* He was chairman of the Majles Defense Committee from 1985-1989

* He was deputy commander-in-chief during the Iran-Iraq War from 1988-1989

* He was supreme commander of civil defense from 1985-1990, and commander of the Khatam-ol-Anbiya Headquarters

* His most notable position was Chairman of the Supreme National Security Council (1989-2005), the period in which the Supreme National Security Council helped mastermind the 1994 bombing of the Jewish cultural center in Buenos Aires, killing 85 people (including many elderly Holocaust survivors), and of the Khobar Towers in 1996, killing 19 U.S. airmen

He is still Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei's personal representative on the council, and informed sources say that Khamenei engineered his victory in last weekend's election as a ruse to fool the West, to help western powers lower their guard – as some western diplomats already appear to be doing.

All they needed was an excuse.

President Obama said Monday that the Iranian people have “rebuffed the hardliners and the clerics” in the country by electing a moderate president over the weekend.