The Taliban Statement the Media Claims Abandons International Terrorism... Endorses International Terrorism

“We anticipate there will be a lot of bumps in the road," Mr. Obama said.

taliban spokesman

As a prelude to negotiations with Obama, under the auspices of the terror state of Qatar, the Taliban (or some of them anyway) issued a statement. Here's the official misleading coverage from the New York Times...

The Taliban signaled a breakthrough in efforts to open Afghan peace negotiations on Tuesday, announcing the opening of a political office in Qatar and new readiness to talk with American and Afghan officials, who said in turn that they would travel to meet insurgent negotiators there within days.

Obama called the Taliban’s announcement “an important first step toward reconciliation,” but cautioned that it was only “a very early step.”

“We anticipate there will be a lot of bumps in the road," Mr. Obama said.

The Taliban “would not allow anyone to threaten the security of other countries from the soil of Afghanistan,” Mr. Naim added, and seeks “a political and peaceful solution” to the conflict.

The wording adhered to previous requirements by American officials in informal talks leading up the announcement, officials said. The first element, in particular, is vital — it represents the beginning of what is hoped will become a public break with Al Qaeda, which the Taliban sheltered before the Sept. 11 attacks, the officials said.

While the Taliban statement does indeed contain the statement about not allowing anyone to threaten other countries from Afghanistan, the Taliban make it clear that they endorse international terrorism and are out to create an Islamist state, disavowing the Obama Inc expectations that they would "break their ties with al Qaeda, end the violence and accept the Afghan constitution, especially the protections for women and minorities."

It is well known to all that the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has been waging jihad to put an end to the occupation and form an independent Islamic system. To reach this goal it has utilised every lawful means.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan simultaneously follows military and political actions and aims which are limited to Afghanistan. The Islamic Emirate never wants to pose harms to other countries from its soil, nor will it allow anyone to cause a threat to the security of countries from the soil of Afghanistan.

Since the Taliban operates in Pakistan as well, this is a bit of a fib already. But let's read on for the Taliban Tall Tales

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan wants good relations with all the countries of the world including the neighbouring countries, on the basis of mutual respect and while desiring security at the country level, the Islamic Emirate wants security and justice at the world level.

So, no. The Taliban isn't really limited to Afghanistan. Not if it seeks "security and justice at the world level". Justice is slang for imposing the Islamic system on others.

Of course the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan considerers it its religious and national duty to gain independence from the occupation and for that purpose has utilised every legitimate way and will utilise it in future too.

Similarly at world level, it considers the struggles and efforts by the miserable and oppressed nations for achievement of their legitimate rights and independence as their due rights, because people have the right to liberate their countries from colonialism and obtain their rights.

Here the Taliban state it in black and white (behind some borrowed leftist dogma) that they intend to continue aiding international campaigns of terror.

Western negotiators might try to fancifully imagine that the Taliban only mean Israel as their example of liberating countries from colonialism, but under Islamic doctrine every country not ruled by Islamic law is colonized by Western powers.