Denmark Refuses to Deport Al Qaeda Soldier Who Raped 10-Year-Old Because He is "Well Integrated"

‘The Danish justice system is a joke’. Those are the words of one of the victims of the Somali rapist in the ‘Gullestrup case’.


You wouldn't want to deport an Al Qaeda serial rapist. Just think of all the cultural enrichment he can offer Denmark. (via Religion of Peace)

The rape of the 10-year-old girl triggered strong feelings in the local community. It occurred on Saturday November, 19, 2011 in a wooded area in ‘Lyngens Kvarter’ in Gullestrup just outside Herning.

The perpetrator forced the two little girls to follow him. The youngest girl managed to escape, but he was able to rape the 10-year-old.

Next time, I'm sure he'll do better. Now that Mohammed has been given a second chance to follow in the footsteps of his prophet by sexually abusing little girls.

‘The Danish justice system is a joke’. Those are the words of one of the victims of the Somali rapist in the ‘Gullestrup case’. Yesterday he received assurances from the High Court that he will not be deported.

On Monday the High Court in Viborg chose to moderate the punishment for the 18-year-old Ahmed Omar Mohamed, who last year was sentenced in the District Court to six years in prison and issued with a deportation order for raping a 10-year-old girl at a playground in Gullestrup in 2011. In addition to this he was sentenced for the attempted rape of the girl’s 9-year-old girlfriend, and for the attempted rape of a 17-year-old girl which occurred the same year.

Desirée Klein, who was 17 when the offender tried to rape her, one month before he carried out the Gullestrup rape, is flabbergasted.

“The Danish justice system is a joke. People that I discuss this matter with are shocked that he hasn’t been deported. It is traumatic and very unfair to think about that he might be out walking the streets within three years. I’m especially thinking about the girls in this case; they may have to live in the same city as him,” says Desirée Klein.

She was accosted by the then 16-year-old offender at the town square in Herning after a night out in October 2011. At knifepoint he ordered her to follow him into a stairwell and sexually violated her. Today she suffers from post-traumatic stress. The otherwise well-functioning girl has still not managed to complete her education.

“I think it’s unreasonable that he is given a second chance by Denmark.”

The offender’s defense attorney argued in the High Court that the offender should be allowed to remain in Denmark, because he has only attended Danish schools is well-integrated and that he has received his high school graduation diploma in prison. And on Monday the judge decided to listen to this argument.

Now that he has his High School diploma, he is clearly no longer a threat.

 During the court case it was revealed that the perpetrator was affiliated with an al-Qaeda group as a child soldier.

Meanwhile the European left is radicalizing the natives.

I'm Karina Klein, I am the mother of D. You know her, the 18-year-old, he tried to rape her inside Herning, she exclaims suddenly. She obviously has something to say for her eyes are alight with fury.

"I have such a deep hatred for him, so you think it's a lie. It is indeed pure hatred, and if only I could be allowed to be alone with him so ... she says and disconnects herself from the threat.

"This case has changed everything - even for me. I used to not hang out with the Danish Defence League - now I do. And it's actually me who invited them up here after the sentencing. They are a great support, she says.