Fake Prime Minister of Fake Palestinian State Resigns

Yes this tinpot terrorist kleptocracy is absolutely ready for statehood.


In this latest episode of As The Terroristine Turns, the fake PM of a fake country turned in his resignation shortly after his predecessor did. His predecessor Fayyad was meant to be the fig leaf for continued Western aid.

Then Obama and Kerry made it clear that President Abbas who decided to dispense with elections a while back, had his unlimited support, and Abbas reacted by forcing Fayyad to resign and replaced him with another fig leaf. Now that Prime Minister, whose name you needn't bother with, has also resigned.

As you read this remember that none of these people even hold legal elected office but the world insists that they should have their own state.

Less than a month after he was appointed, 'Palestinian Prime Minister' Rami Hamdallah has submitted his resignation. '

Another source said that Hamdallah, who was appointed by Abbas on June 2, quickly found himself in the same situation as his predecessor, Salam Fayyad.

"Hamdallah discovered that the Palestinian Authority president wants him to serve as a yes man with no powers," the source explained. "Abbas wanted a prime minister who would play no role and only carry out orders from the president's office." Abbas's decision to appoint two deputy prime ministers with expanded powers to the new government was the first sign of the PA president's intention to curtail the powers of Hamdallah.

Some Palestinians pointed out that the real prime minister was Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs, Mohamed Mustafa, who also serves as the director of the PLO's Palestine Investment Fund.

The PIF also doubles as Abbas's slush fund and the vehicle for monopolizing control over foreign funded businesses by a small cartel of the PA elite.

But yes this tinpot terrorist kleptocracy is absolutely ready for statehood.