Muslim Converts in US and Mexico Attack Parents

The future will not belong to those who are murdered by their Muslim convert sons.


Muslim converts are notorious for turning traitor and attacking their own countries out of allegiance to their new Islamic identity. And the same apparently holds true for their parents.

A Pennsylvania man allegedly threatened to kill his mother because he believed she tried to “poison” him by serving pork, “which was against his Muslim religion," investigators report.

Joshua Lee Coffey, 25, confronted his mother Sherri last week in the family’s home in St. Marys, a central Pennsylvania city.

Coffey accused his mother of “attempting to poison him,” noting that “the meat he was given to eat was pork, which was against his Muslim religion," according to a probable cause affidavit. A criminal complaint alleges that Coffey “did threaten to kill his mother…due to his displeasure with the dinner served to him.”

At one point, Coffey went to the kitchen and retrieved a 10-inch kitchen knife. He then returned to the bedroom and “held the knife in a threatening manner,” prompting his mother to “flee out the window of the bedroom onto the roof.” Sherri Coffey subsequently called 911 and then went to a neighbor’s home to await the arrival of officers.

I'm guessing Joshua is now Hamid or Mohammed or Mujaheed. And over the border in Mexico, Islam is bringing its usual brand of peace and love into Mexican families.

No sign of sadness or remorse: Muslim convert Gilberto Garcia Chavez, 43 years old, slaughtered his mother Naomi Chavez Garcia, 63 years old, and stepfather Jacinto Aurelio Vargas, 65, because “Allah told me to.”

A man deranged, apparently a religious fanatic and follower of Islam, coldly slaughtered his elderly parents in the colony Pakalkin of this city, after he received God’s command to kill them, which made him wildly attack them with a knife.

The bloody events took place after 9:00 pm yesterday, in a house that is located on the street Bonampak, Kin Pakal colony, when neighbors called the emergency number 066 to report the assault, after witnessing how the demoniac subject grabbed the back of the elderly woman while she was trying to escape to the street and then cut her throat with a knife. He then took her limp body and drag it to the house, where he left it by the body of the stepfather.

Initial investigations indicate that the alleged perpetrator may suffer from some mental imbalance that drove him to commit the savage murders.

In the fourth of the murderer was found a copy of the Koran, the holy book of Islam where the prophet Muhammad proclaimed that Allah is God and Mohammed is his prophet. Apparently his parents did not belong to that religion, and that had put them in the crosshairs of the fanatic as “infidels” and therefore worthy of death.

The future will not belong to those who are murdered by their Muslim convert sons.

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