Egypt to Unveil "Female Free" Soap Opera

“We’re making art and drama without angering Allah or violating Islamic rules,” El-Araby said.

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Egypt may not have a functional economy or civil order, but very soon it will have an all-male soap opera. And it sounds about as exciting and compelling as you would expect.

The first men-only soap opera is set to be screened in Egypt during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan with the aim of introducing “a cleaner and more conservative version of art,” the show’s director said.

The comedy sitcom “Cafe Show” is scheduled to hit Egyptian screens next month on the Islamic satellite channel Al-Hafez, director Wagdy El-Araby said in a telephone interview in Cairo today.

“We’re making art and drama without angering Allah or violating Islamic rules,” El-Araby said.

The entire cast, including actors and studio workers, will be male. The series revolves around a group of men sitting at a street cafe and discussing social, political and economic issues, according to El-Araby.

I'm not sure what the point of this is. If anyone in Egypt wants to hear a bunch of employed men drinking coffee and blaming everything on the Jews and the CIA, they can just stop by an actual cafe.

This is like trying to air a soap opera in New York that features only hipsters sitting in sidewalk cafes and talking about their failed auditions. You don't need a soap for that. It's just life.

But apparently the cafe is the only place where everyone can be sure that no women will appear.

The director, who’s also an actor well-known for his roles in historical Islamic series, said the script is intended to introduce art that avoids the mixing of men and women which is discouraged by Islam. “It’s like going to the gym, it’s not ok for women to go and mix with half-naked men,” he said.

Half-naked men. I guess that explain both the "female-free" part and the target audience.