Air Force Academy Adds Male Bashing Gender Theory "Male and Masculinity" Course

Arming cadets with knowledge on the topics of gender and violence isn't just the right thing to do, he said. It's good for their careers.


I wrote a while back that Obama Inc. will not be satisfied until it transforms the military into the same warped culture of the left. And that includes the usual "Men are Evil" courses transplanted from Berkeley to the Air Force Academy.

A professor from Virginia will spend the upcoming academic year teaching courses on gender at the Air Force Academy to combat sexual assaults.

Courses on gender have nothing to do with preventing sexual assaults. To fight rape, you increase security and reporting. And you arrest rapists.

Fighting rape by teaching gender theory is like fighting armed robbery by teaching Communism.

Christopher Kilmartin, a psychology instructor at the University of Mary Washington in Fredericksburg, Va., will serve as a visiting professor at the academy, teaching "Men and Masculinity" in the fall and "Interpersonal Violence" in the spring.

Note the connection. Gender is violence. A natural male identity is inherently violent. Strangely enough this lesson is being taught at the Air Force Academy, not Evergreen College.

During Kilmartin's two-plus decades of teaching courses on masculinity, the majority of his students have been females. That's less likely to be the case at the academy, where the majority of students are male.

In other news, black people are statistically less likely to join the KKK.

"One of the biggest struggles in teaching that area is getting men into the room," said Kilmartin, the author of the textbook "The Masculine Self." "The way gender roles are constructed, a lot of men don't feel comfortable expressing interest in it. It takes a pretty self-aware man to get interested in gender."

Kilmartin says self-aware when he actually means neurotic.

Kilmartin's fall class will examine how masculinity is constructed, how men are socialized and how individuals form gender ideology.

"Constructed". Gender ideology. And this is happening at the Air Force Academy. Can we just skip to the Queers Against Fracking and War rallies on campus?

As part of their coursework, Kilmartin will assign his students to journal about gender stereotypes they observe in their everyday lives. "It's a really powerful assignment, he said. "By mid-semester, they realize it's everywhere."

Much like liberal indoctrination.

His spring class will offer an opportunity to examine violence committed by males, a topic that is often overlooked because "people in dominate groups have the luxury of having their identity remain invisible," Kilmartin said.

Translating that from libspeak, no one ever talks about male violence because of the patriarchy. No one. Ever. You never see it in movies or on the news.

Kilmartin's short-term goal is to increase sexual assault reporting rates at the academy so that perpetrators, most of whom are serial offenders, are stopped, he said.

No, it's not. The goal is indoctrination in a leftist ideology using the same range of gender theory as identity nonsense.

Arming cadets with knowledge on the topics of gender and violence isn't just the right thing to do, he said. It's good for their careers.

Yes, gender theory is very vital for anyone in the Air Force. How are you going to fly a plane if you don't know gender theory and fail to recognize the gender stereotypes in your fuselage? How?

"We wouldn't dream of sending leaders out into the world without computer skills, management skills, leadership abilities," he said. "There is no way any commander is going to get out in the world and not have to deal with people in his or her command who are women, who are gay men, lesbians, maybe even someone transgendered.

Statistically it's quite likely that they will never have to deal with gays or trannies. And even if they do, why not treat them like anyone else, instead of an academic subject?

"If you don't understand these different forms of identity and how they play out in your organization, you're just not going to be a good commander."

That's the left's endgame. Collectivism. Treat people based on an identity class defined by the left.