100 Afghan Diplomats Defect to Avoid Going Back to Afghanistan

Obama's pullout means a Taliban takeover. And the diplomats, like all forms of the rat, are the first to jump overboard.


Sure one of the biggest perks of being a diplomat from Afghanistan (as opposed to a diplomat in Afghanistan) is not having to be in Afghanistan. But the bottom line is that the writing on the wall has been read. Obama's pullout means a Taliban takeover. And the diplomats, like all forms of the rat, are the first to jump overboard.

A total of 105 Afghani diplomats were meant to report for duty at the Foreign Ministry in Kabul on Saturday. They were being rotated out of their foreign postings as scheduled, and it was time to return to headquarters. Yet just five of them have resurfaced. The others have apparently remained in the countries where they had been posted, among them several employees of the Afghan Embassy in Berlin."

And the other 5 still has things they wanted to sell in Afghanistan. Or have ties to the Taliban. Meanwhile the Afghan government is denying the reports.

The Afghan Foreign Ministry on Tuesday rejected a report issued by a German media outlet which said diplomats did not return Afghanistan after completing their tenure overseas.

"The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan rejects the report written by Hasnain Kazim, the German Spiegel correspondent based in Islamabad, who has presented an inaccurate account about Afghan diplomats not returning to their country after completing their tenure overseas. The Foreign Ministry calls this report incorrect as baseless and one-sided," the ministry said in a press statement.

"If a small and limited number of Afghans do not return home for personal or family reasons, this must not be represented as lack of commitment and patriotism on the part of Afghan diplomats as a whole," said Ershad Ahmadi, a deputy foreign minister, in the statement.

"Ministry wants to clarify that from among the 96 diplomats whose tenures ended this year, 32 of them have received temporary extension of their assignment for work related requirements and based on the advice of the Foreign Ministry. 15 of them have returned to their country, and the rest are going through the final administrative processes and handing over their responsibilities to their successors. None of these remaining diplomats intend to stay behind," the statement noted.

So that's only 15 out of 96 diplomats returning, while the others have good excuses. That is so much better.