Witness Testifies Zimmerman was Attacked and Violently Beaten

An attorney for Martin’s family, meanwhile, suddenly declared Thursday that the high-profile case was not about race.

Federal Government To Investigate Shooting Of Unarmed Teen Trayvon Martin

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An attorney for Martin’s family, meanwhile, suddenly declared Thursday that the high-profile case was not about race.

“It’s not about racial profiling,” Daryl Parks told reporters. “He was profiled (criminally). George Zimmerman profiled him.”

Parks made the comments after prosecutors spent several days arguing that Zimmerman profiled the 17-year-old specifically because he was black. Asked why he changed his take on the matter, Parks replied: “We never claimed this was about race.”

Okay. Bit late for that I would say. No one is arguing that Zimmerman criminally profiled him. That was his job on a neighborhood watch.

Meanwhile the first credible prosecution witnesses who can read cursive are supporting Zimmerman's story.

A neighbor of George Zimmerman testified Friday that it appeared that teenager Trayvon Martin was striking Zimmerman while straddling him moments before the teen was shot.

Jonathan Good, who lives in the same townhouse complex as Zimmerman, said after hearing a noise behind his townhome, he saw what looked like a fight. When he stepped outside, he said he yelled, "What's going on? Stop it."

"It looked like there were strikes being thrown, punches being thrown," said Good.

Good said he could only see one person at first. Seconds later, he saw two people laying flat, one on top of the another in the grass. A person in dark clothing was on top of a person with "lighter complexion" wearing red or white clothing, Good said. The description of the person on the bottom, Good said, matched Zimmerman that night. The person on the top had similar dark clothing to the type worn by Trayvon, he said.


Good also said he believed the person on the bottom yelled for help, but later conceded that he was not 100 percent sure it was the person on the bottom calling for help while he was in his house placing the emergency call, only that it "sounded like" it came from the person being attacked.

The people doing the pounding are rarely the ones yelling for help.

Questioning was then redirected back to the prosecutor who tried to discredit a strong testimony for the defense.

De La Rionda also used water bottles to help demonstrate the position of Zimmerman and Martin and even got Good to concede that he did not actually see punches thrown and that he "only saw downward movement" of arms.

And that could mean anything. Maybe Trayvon Martin was trying to feed George Zimmerman some of those skittles we keep hearing about.

State witness Joe Manalo testified that he took the photos with his cell phone that showed blood on Zimmerman's lip and scalp.

"He had blood running down his nose from both nostrils and over his lips," Manalo told Prosecutor Bernie de la Rionda.

Those are some mighty bad skittles.