Was Trayvon Martin's Father a Gang Member?


Considering the ubiquity of gang signs even outside the ghetto and the rest of the hood signage, it may not mean all that much except that Trayvon Martin's family background was not particularly conducive to not acting like a thug.

The Martin family attorney has accused Zimmerman of profiling Martin criminally, not racially. Maybe Zimmerman had good reason for doing it.

Over the last several months, much has been heard from Tracy Martin, the father of Trayvon Martin. On Monday, according to Good Morning America, Tracy Martin reportedly “cursed at a supporter of George Zimmerman.

Yesterday, right-leaning blogger Sundance of widely-read The Conservative Tree House released several photos of Tracy Martin, some of which date back to 2010.

One shows Martin posing with a crowd of people in which, according to the blog, a finger sign denoting Crips membership is visible. Another portrays him standing in a different crowd with a cityscape and raining dollar bills in the background.

In these photos, Martin himself is making some sort of hand sign. Other individuals photographed are doing the same. TCTH identified said signs as gang-related.

As plenty of black conservatives have said over the years, the nexus of failure begins with the family. Larry Elder has talked about this in detail recently.