New UN Counterterror Chief Doesn't Believe Hamas is a Terrorist Group

“Hamas is not a terrorist organization in the United Nations"


It's the United Nations so it's not exactly surprising, believing that Hamas is a terrorist group would probably disqualify you for the job, but every time you need a reminder that the United Nations is about as useful as a shoe tree made of ice in Africa, a story like this pops up.

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today [June 20] confirmed the appointment of French criminal justice veteran Jean-Paul Laborde as the new Executive Director of the Counter-Terrorism Executive Directorate (CTED), following the concurrence of the Security Council.

Jean Paul Laborde rejected the idea that the Islamic Resistance Movement of Hamas is a terrorist organization and called for talks and dialogue with this Palestinian entity.

“Hamas is not a terrorist organization in the United Nations…we should talk to Hamas because once the Israeli-Palestinian issue is resolved, the threat of terrorism will diminish.”

“The UN sets universal norms and has many mechanisms to fight terrorism…Some 30 UN agencies work together to implement the UN counter-terrorism strategy…which is based on preventing and resolving conflicts and supporting victims of terrorism,” he said.

The UN fights terrorism by surrendering to it and then blaming the victims of terrorism for it. And that takes 30 agencies to accomplish.