"Palestine" is Abbas' One-Man Dictatorship

President Abbas has also appointed himself as the chief judge and prosecutor

A shared philosophy of government A shared philosophy of government

Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss.  While the push is on to create a Palestinian State, in its current incarnation that state is run by a man who refuses to run for election or share power with any kind of functioning elected government.

A Palestinian State will not only be a terror state, but it will be another Middle Eastern tyranny.

President Abbas has become the president of everything related to the Palestinians and the Palestinian cause, complained Sufyan Abu Zayda, a senior representative of Abbas's Fatah faction. He is the head of the PLO, President of Palestine, President of the Palestinian Authority, head of Fatah, and commander of the Palestinian Authority security forces.

Moreover, in the absence of a functioning Palestinian parliament, Abbas has taken it upon himself to issue his own laws.

Hamas has given Abbas the pretext to exercise total authority with Western support. The result has been the suspension of elections and illegal rule by Abbas.

Then there is the Palestinian government in the West Bank, whose prime minister and ministers have no say in political matters.

Abu Zayda and other Palestinian officials say that Abbas's autocratic regime reminds them of the days when Yasser Arafat ran the Palestinian Authority as his private fiefdom.

No one dreamed that we would reach a situation where all the powers and top positions would be concentrated in the hands of one man, said Abu Zayda. Today, Abbas even has more powers than Arafat.

That's quite an achievement.

Abbas, according to Abu Zayda, has also appointed himself as the chief judge and prosecutor, making a mockery of the Palestinian judicial system.

Palestinian State anyone?