Time Mag: Muslim Terror No, Buddhist Terror Yes

"War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength."

Everything you need to know about the ridiculous media bias involved in covering Muslim terrorism and smearing the victims of Muslim terror can be encompassed in these three Time Magazine covers.




Can you imagine Time doing a cover on "The Face of Muslim Terror"? No, that would be "bigoted". Every other religion, even the Buddhists, who were, until recently, the favorite pacifists of liberals, can have faces of terror. But saying the same of Islam would just be Islamophobic.

The media has long since exceeded Orwell's wildest imaginings. News coverage has nothing to do with reality. Instead it is a deliberate inversion of reality in which the murderers are the heroes and the greatest threat comes from their victims.

The bad guys are the good guys. The good guys are the bad guys. The slavery of Islam is freedom. The freedom of America and Israel is slavery because it has to be defended against the slavery of Islam.

The only way to win the war against Islam is through appeasement. When anyone, even Buddhists use force to defend themselves against Islam, they are the enemy.

And ignorance? Ignorance is for the readers of Time Magazine.