Bashar Assad, Kept in Power by a Theocracy, Condemns Political Islam

Assad condemning "political Islam" is nothing short of hilarious.


Syrian dictator Bashar Assad, not currently a fan of the Muslim Brotherhood on account of them trying to kill him, responded to Morsi's fall by condemning "political Islam."

"Whoever brings religion to use in politics or in favor of one group at the expense of another will fall anywhere in the world," Assad was quoted as telling the official Thawra newspaper, according to an official Facebook page.

"The summary of what is happening in Egypt is the fall of what is called political Islam."

Assad may not have noticed, but he's being kept in power by the Iranian theocracy and the Islamist Hezbollah militia.

Assad condemning "political Islam" is nothing short of hilarious. And while Syria can be described as "secular" compared to the Saudi Arabia meets the Taliban mess that the Sunni Islamist militias battling it would create, it's certainly not secular in the European or American sense.

Turkey was the closest country in the Muslim world to being secular. And that ship sailed with the Erdogan era. How secular is Syria? This secular.

Constitution adopted on 13th March 1973. Article 3(1) declares that religion of the President of the Republic shall be Islam. Article 3(2) declares Islamic jurisprudence a main source of legislation.

This is fairly typical in the Muslim world. When there's talk about political Islam, it usually means rule of the clergy or total clerical control of the political and legal systems. Like in Iran.

The alternative to political Islam isn't secularism. It's just Sharia Lite.