Obama Inc. Spent $65 Mil on Egypt's "Democratic Transition"

That was money well spent.


That was money well spent. Good thing we print our own money so it doesn't really matter how much we spend on every stupid idea that gets Blackberried across D.C.

Soon after Egypt’s revolution, the United States provided $65 million for programs to support the democratic transition. U.S.-supported democratic transition projects are being implemented in a spirit of partnership. As such, we are focused on the immediate priorities that Egyptians have identified: holding free and fair elections, empowering citizens to play a role in their country’s future, protecting and expanding universal rights, expanding independent civil society, and building democratic institutions that are transparent and accountable. Our projects build on the energy, commitment, and accomplishments of the Egyptian people.

That money would have apparently been better invested in promoting mob rule. Egypt doesn't really do democracy. It does non-stop protests for political change. Followed by more protests when the change happens. And then protests against the change that was the change.