John Kerry Caught Swiftboating it on a Yacht and Lying About It

"Any report or tweet that he was on a boat is completely inaccurate,” spokeswoman Jen Psaki said.


John Kerry likes boats. He likes windsurfing. He doesn't seem to be much good at foreign policy. Obama probably should have made a job for him like Secretary of Windsurfing. Or Czar of Yachting. Considering all the useless czars already out there, it wouldn't have even stood out that much.

But Kerry seems determined to finish his career by doing the same useless things he did as senator while calling himself Secretary of State. One of those things is spending a lot of time on his boat. The other is lying about it.

While Egypt melted down, Kerry took some time off to be with his beloved Isabel. A yacht that has gotten him in trouble before. Kerry's spokeswoman, an Obama vet, however denied that Kerry was in any shape or form swiftboating it in.

“Since his plane touched down in Washington at 4 a.m., Secretary Kerry was working all day and on the phone dealing with the crisis in Egypt,” spokeswoman Jen Psaki said. “He participated in the White House meeting with the president by secure phone and was and is in non-stop contact with foreign leaders, and his senior team in Washington and Cairo. Any report or tweet that he was on a boat is completely inaccurate.”

Except it turned out to be very accurate.

 On Thursday night, CBS News obtained a photo of Kerry on his boat and sent it to the State Department, asking whether they still stand by their denial that Kerry was on a boat.

The response: "Yes."

Maybe it was Kerry's evil twin brother. It would explain all the flip flops.

In the wake of the Herald story, a State Department spokeswoman admitted yesterday that Kerry was “briefly” aboard his $7 million luxury craft, the Isabel, on the day of the coup, after previously insisting the yacht sighting was “completely inaccurate.”

“While he was briefly on his boat on Wednesday,” State Department spokeswoman Jennifer Psaki said, “Secretary Kerry worked around the clock all day.”

Except for all the time he was on the boat. I don't think Psaki understands the concept of around the clock. She probably thinks it's a retro 50s diner.

The Herald front-page story captured a series of photos of Kerry paddling a kayak in shorts and a polo shirt.

Around the clock.

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