$2.4 Mil Research Study Says Illegal Aliens Use Drugs Because of Deportation

They're depraved on account of being deprived.


It's still unknown why Americans use drugs. Possibly because they fear that America is being run along the lines of Tijuana.

An ongoing federally funded research project that has cost taxpayers $2.44 million has concluded, among other things, that "deportation and loneliness" led former illegal aliens in Tijuana, Mexico to use drugs and patronize prostitutes.

Researchers working on the project—“Safer Sex Intervention for Male Clients of Female Sex Workers in Tijuana, Mexico”--did one-hour interviews with 30 men from both the United States and Mexico who patronized prostitutes in Tijuana’s Zona Roja.

The researchers paid the men $20 a piece “to describe and reflect upon their experiences purchasing sex” from prostitutes and answer questions that “explored clients’ motivations for seeking commercial sex, their condom use, perceived STI and HIV risk, and narratives on how socio-cultural and structural factors influence sexual and drug using behaviors.”

While a sizable chunk of the country is out of work and military health care is being cut, Obama Inc. is paying criminals twenty bucks a pop to reflect on their experiences patronizing prostitutes... while using that as an argument against deporting them back to Mexico.

“Most participants described how deportation and loneliness led to visiting FSWs [female sex workers] and using drugs simultaneously,” the researchers wrote. “Heavy drug use and unprotected sex were seen by some as inextricably linked responses to a lack of social support."

Oddly enough drug use and prostitution is widespread among illegal aliens on this side of the border too. Maybe it's because they haven't received a path to citizenship yet. And the ones who are citizens, well they're just using drugs and hookers because they're not getting enough social services.

They're depraved on account of being deprived.

“How did you feel? What was going on with you?” one of the researchers asked a Tijuana prostitute patron.

“Loneliness…immense loneliness. That this city cannot fulfill,” the man said.

“Oh, my goodness. Do you think that being lonely pushed you to find some company in a female sex worker?” asked the researcher.

That is what's called a leading question. I wonder how much we're paying college girls to interview criminals in Tijuana.

Some of the men interviewed said it had been easier not to patronize prostitutes when they were living in the United States.

I believe it's called law enforcement.