Man Named Jihad Sets Massachusetts Apartment on Fire Because of his Name

He got into his car and drove away as flames poured from his apartment and a neighbor rushed to see what had happened.


Unlike Curious George, Gorgeous Jihad Georges had a problem. He was unpopular. And he was unpopular because his name was associated with Muslims killing people.

So naturally he decided to set his apartment on fire, drove away leaving his neighbors to the blaze and then claimed he was trying to commit suicide.

Way to challenge stereotypes.

A Lebanese man whose apartment burned in a fire Sunday told police he set the blaze during a failed suicide attempt brought on by his inability to find work because of his first name: Jihad.

It seems like changing his name would have been easier than trying to kill a bunch of people. But that's not the attitude we associate with Jihad which always defaults to the killing people solution.

But a police report indicates that investigators didn't believe the story, because evidence found inside Jihad Elias Georges' apartment at 131 Muggett Hill Road indicated gasoline had been spilled on the floor and a sofa. They said people who commit suicide by fire "usually douse themselves with gas."

Also they don't tend to drive away from the burning apartment while shouting, "So long Infidel Suckers. See you in Jahanam."

The name Jihad, according to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, can be used to describe "a personal struggle in devotion to Islam, especially involving spiritual discipline," or "a crusade for a principle or belief." But in Western culture the word has taken on the negative meaning of "a holy war waged on behalf of Islam."

Entirely in Western culture. Feel free to ignore all the guys shouting Jihad while killing people. It's just a wacky Western prejudice that is only negatively reinforced by arson Jihads from arson Jihadis named Jihad.

According to a police report, Mr. Georges allegedly told investigators from Charlton and the state fire marshal's office that he spread gasoline in his apartment and used the stove to light a piece of paper to spark the fire, hoping to take his own life.

Instead, the explosion from the fire blew him out the door to safety. He got into his car and drove away as flames poured from his apartment and a neighbor rushed to see what had happened.

That neighbor helped evacuate residents from the other five apartments and later told police that Mr. Georges had to have known his home was ablaze as he drove away.

"The only way the No. 6 tenant could have not known that his apartment was on fire was if he was deaf and blind," the neighbor told police.

That neighbor sounds Islamophobic. Surely Jihad was just worried that he would be accused of arson, for no other reason than his first name and the fact that he just committed arson, and was rushing to make a sudden pilgrimage to Mecca out of extradition range.

When Mr. Georges returned home, he seemed surprised to find emergency personnel there and claimed to know nothing about the fire

Guess who the victim is?

After the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, and again after the Marathon bombing, people looked at him differently. Some called him a terrorist. He applied for jobs — he's an auto body repairman who paints cars — but when potential bosses saw his name, they never called him back, he said.

"I'm angry," Laurena Brown said. "Just the fact that there were four children in the building. And there's a lady in one of the other apartments that's pregnant. He could have killed us all."

She's been spending time throwing away items from her apartment beneath the one Mr. Georges' once lived in. Personal and sentimental things that cannot be saved are being discarded like trash.

Her daughter, Erin Brown, said her 9-year-old daughter doesn't want to sleep in their apartment even though she wasn't home when the fire broke out. Ms. Brown said she and her fiancé, Richard Remillard, have spent many sleepless nights tossing and turning in fear.

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