Congress Unenthusiastic About Obama's "Guns for Syrian Terrorists" Plan

I'm not sure which part they don't like. Is it the guns part or the terrorists part or the guns for terrorists part?


Unlike the Senate and House of Representatives intelligence committees, my Uncle Abe was very enthusiastic about "Guns for Syrian Terrorists", but he thought it meant that the guns would be used to shoot Syrian terrorists... not that the guns would be given to the terrorists.

This is probably why he isn't on a Senate intelligence committee.

Congressional committees are holding up a plan to send U.S. weapons to rebels fighting Syrian President Bashar al-Assad because of fears that such deliveries will not be decisive and the arms might end up in the hands of Islamist militants, five U.S. national security sources said.

Since even the New York Times admitted that there are no non-Islamist forces of any size fighting in Syria, there is no other place that they could conceivably end up.

Both the Senate and House of Representatives intelligence committees have expressed reservations behind closed doors at the effort by President Barack Obama's administration to support the insurgents by sending them military hardware.

I'm not sure which part they don't like. Is it the guns part or the terrorists part or the guns for terrorists part?

The Senate intelligence committee does not feature the McCain/Graham duo and does have some common sense voices.

None of the military aid that the United States announced weeks ago has arrived in Syria, according to an official from an Arab country and Syrian opposition sources.

Democrats and Republicans on the committees worry that weapons could reach factions like the Nusra Front, which is one of the most effective rebel groups but has also been labeled by the United States as a front for al Qaeda in Iraq.

So we've got bipartisan sanity. Who knew that was possible? Also the FSA's brigades are often little better than Al Nusra.

Committee members also want to hear more about the administration's overall Syria policy, and about how it believes its arms plan will affect the situation on the ground, where Assad's forces have made recent gains.

In the words of the latest incarnation of Lincoln, Reagan and FDR: "Uhhh?"

Funding that the administration advised the congressional committees it wanted to use to pay for arms deliveries to Assad's opponents has been temporarily frozen, the sources said.

I'm sure Obama can just do what he did with ObamaCare. Take the money out of Medicare. Syrian terrorists need it more than American seniors do.

Over the weekend, the Syrian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood said it felt "abandoned and disappointed" that the United States and Europe had failed to deliver promised military support to the rebels.

Will Huma Abedin please pick up the red courtesy phone.