Guns Don't Kill People, Chicagoans Kill People

“Gun control . . . is the weak link in the chain of public safety for the city of Chicago,” Rahm Emanuel said.


After 100 people in Chicago were shot since July and a Dem legislator proposed bringing in the National Guard to restore order, Mayor Rahm Emanuel is still sticking to gun control as the solution to everything.

Calling gun control the “weak link” in Chicago’s public safety chain, Mayor Rahm Emanuel on Tuesday renewed his pitch for stiffer sentencing, background checks before gun purchases and a revised and strengthened assault weapons ban.

The mayor’s political call to arms follows a Fourth of July weekend bloodbath that saw the Chicago Sun-Times tally 38 separate shooting incidents from Wednesday evening through Sunday afternoon, including 10 homicides.

“Gun control . . . is the weak link in the chain of public safety for the city of Chicago,” the mayor said.

“Our police are doing an effective job. They need to do better. But, they are doing an effective job. We are investing in our kids by making sure they have the type of after-school programs and summer jobs at an unprecedented level. Each year, we’re growing each of those investments for our kids to be in a safe, secure area."

So who exactly is doing the shootings? Even hard core Controllers don't believe in self-firing guns. If 38 shooting incidents happen in a few days, there must be people out there pulling those triggers.

Who could those be? Chicago is full of gangs. The Latin Kings alone have 25,000 members in Chicago alone. The total number of gang members has been estimated at 68,000.

Most shootings are gang related.

So let's say that the entire United States passes a bunch of gun control laws. What happens then? The gang members go into retirement? They stop engaging in drug dealing and other crimes and fighting among themselves?

And it's not like gangs can get hold of illegal contraband items.

All the empty blather about gun control ignores the gang problem that is really driving these homicide rates. And the gangs aren't going to be frightened off by gun control.

Chicago has a homicide problem because it has a gang problem, not a gun problem.