Dubai Sentences European Rape Victim to 16 Months in Jail

Rape is legal under Sharia law. Being raped is illegal.

Here's your war on women Here's your war on women

There's a basic clash between two judicial and moral systems when it comes to rape. The Western system considers rape a crime of violence against the woman.

The Muslim system considers rape a crime because it involves extramarital sex and resolves the problem by jailing the woman or forcing her to marry the rapist.

When Western women go to places like Dubai or Doha imagining that they really are modern because they have skyscrapers, they are entering the jurisdiction of the Muslim system which considers unaccompanied women to be prostitutes who are fair game.

A young Norwegian woman has been sentenced to 16 months in jail after she reported a rape in Dubai.

The 25-year-old was in the United Arab Emirates on a business trip when she was raped and reported the assault to the local police. Dubai police did not believe her, and instead took her passport and jailed her on suspicion of having had sex outside marriage.

More accurately authorities didn't care whether or not the sex was consensual because it's a non-issue. If you find that a cow fell through your window, you don't ask whether the cow intentionally did this. It doesn't matter. And that is how Muslim legal systems see women. They care that an extramarital sex act took place. And since it took place, they blame the woman.

That's the wonderful moral and legal system that the Western left keeps trying to import into America and Europe.

'I received the harshest sentence for sex outside marriage, harshest sentence for drinking alcohol and on top of that I was found guilty of perjury,’ the woman told Verdens Gang.

‘It is a terrible situation she is in,’ said Gisle Meling, the priest at the Norwegian Sailor’s Church.

‘We are very surprised and had hoped it would go another way, but we live in a country which has a justice system which draws its conclusions with the help of Sharia law.’

Yes it did. This is Sharia law. It's like wandering into Nazi Germany and being surprised that they don't seem to like Jews there.

Under UAE law, rapists can only be convicted if either the perpetrator confesses or if four adult Muslim males witness the crime.

Under the Sharia-influenced laws, sex before marriage is completely forbidden and an unmarried couple holding hands in public can be jailed.

In other words, rape is legal under Sharia. Being raped is illegal.