Spanish Island Bans Drinking to Replace Europeans with Muslim Tourists

Two million British holidaymakers and 3.4 million German tourists visited the island last year

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The message here is goodbye British louts, hello Saudi Islamists. I imagine the mandatory bathing suit in Majorca will soon be a Burka.

The Spanish island of Majorca has implemented a ban on drinking alcohol in public and plans to replace its budget hotels with upmarket luxury resorts in a bid to discourage binge-drinking European holidaymakers and replace them with high spending, wealthy tourists from Dubai.

Majorca’s economy is dependent on the influx of tourists and nearly two million British holidaymakers and 3.4 million German tourists visited the island last year.

Despite this, Alvaro Gijón, deputy mayor of the island’s capital Palma de Majorca, told German tabloid newspaper Bild he wants to eradicate the island’s reputation as a budget, binge-drinking destination and attract more affluent visitors.

“We want people who spend a lot of money, such as more tourists from China and Dubai. St Tropez, Miami and Las Vegas are the places we're orienting ourselves towards," Gijón added.

Because the one thing Miami and Las Vegas are known for is being alcohol free. So Majorca is doing the smart thing by alienating its European customers in the hopes of landing those Muslim and Chinese dreamboats. The Chinese are of course also well known haters of drink.

In a bid to entice wealthy Arab visitors, the island’s government has launched a five year development plan to close down many of its budget hotels and replace them with upmarket luxury accommodation.

Good luck with that. It's not like they have any place to travel to at home that's gold-spangled, sunny and has no alcohol. Why they'll have no choice but to go to Majorca... because it has no alcohol.