Muslim Cleric Who Groped Aussie Women Says It's a Cultural Misunderstanding

A spokesman for Dee Why Mosque said Mr Alkahly was simply showing ‘‘love and compassion’’ but had misunderstood the cultural differences between Australia and Egypt.

Cultural Misunderstanding

Cultural Misunderstanding

This is a cultural misunderstanding. In Australian culture, molesting women is wrong. In Egyptian Muslim culture, it's the expected thing to do.

A Muslim prayer leader charged with touching the breasts of two teenagers and a grandmother on the northern beaches believes he is the victim of a misunderstanding.

I'm pretty sure he's not the victim here.

Ahmed Alkahly, a 59-year-old Egyptian national who is a well-known qari, or prayer reciter, in his homeland, is visiting Sydney to lead evening prayers at the Dee Why Masjid mosque for the month of Ramadan.

Police will allege that, in two separate incidents on Wednesday afternoon, he approached a 16-year-old girl and a 57-year-old grandmother, who was pushing her grandson in a pram, and indecently assaulted them by touching their breasts along Dee Why Beach.

Both victims called the police. Mr Alkahly was found nearby minutes later and arrested.

Police will allege he also approached a 16-year-old girl in a reserve in Dee Why on Monday afternoon and touched her breasts.

"They’re certainly distressed by the incident," Inspector Craig Wonders said of the three victims.

But wait. There's a reasonable explanation for this.

However, Mr Alkahly’s Sydney-based son said the incidents were the result of a misunderstanding and his father, who does not speak English, is so embarrassed and distressed by his subsequent arrest that he has almost suffered a nervous breakdown.

What does English have to do with anything? In what conceivable set of circumstances could his poor English skills have led him to repeatedly, but unintentionally, molest teenage girls?

Sure. It's a misunderstanding. He didn't understand that in Australia, women are considered human beings and have legal rights. In Dubai, he would have been set free and the 16-year-old girls would have been charged with adultery.

He said the incidents arose when people on the beach asked to have their photos taken with his father, who was wearing exotic Egyptian Islamic dress.

So naturally he tried to give them the full authentic Egyptian Islamic experience.

Mr Alkahly also came into contact with one of the women because her dog started barking and gnarling at him, he

Again, how could one thing possibly lead to the other? Maybe in Egypt, such a chain of events could make some kind of sense.

A spokesman for Dee Why Mosque, Usamah Alamudi, said Mr Alkahly was simply showing ‘‘love and compassion’’ but had misunderstood the cultural differences between Australia and Egypt.

Perhaps his kind of "love and compassion" should stay in Egypt. Along with him.

Mr Alkahly is one of several qaris or prayer reciters sent to Australia for Ramadan by the Egyptian government.

Australia should thank Morsi for dispatching one of its finest sexual predators to educate Australians about their customs and beliefs.