10 Months Later Criminal Charges Filed Against Al Qaeda Leader in Benghazi

Sure we could just send a drone. But we could have sent a drone 10 months ago


I'm sure we'll just be able to nip down and arrest him. Sure it's Benghazi, a city that the FBI investigative team couldn't remain in because it was too insecure. A city controlled by Islamist militias. A city that just experienced an Al Qaeda jailbreak.

Sure we could ask the Libyan government, which has little control over Benghazi and is under siege by the Muslim Brotherhood even in Tripoli, to do it. And they could laugh and laugh.

Sure we could just send a drone. But we could have sent a drone 10 months ago. Instead some empty charges were filed after CNN embarrassed Obama by interviewing the man himself.

Federal agents and prosecutors investigating the attack on the U.S. diplomatic compound in Benghazi have filed charges against Ahmed Khattalah, leader of a Libyan militia that officials believe was involved in the assault, people briefed on the investigation said.

None of the sources would discuss the precise charges against Khattalah in the sealed complaint.

So we've got secret charges against the head of a terrorist militia who is effectively outside our jurisdiction. Maybe this is the elaborate route that the kinder gentler administration needs to go before it drones him.

But I wouldn't bet on it.

On CNN, Ahmed claimed to be innocent.

Khattala's narrative of the events that night was sometimes unclear and, at times, seemed to be contradictory, Damon said.

He admitted to being at the compound the night of the attack, but denied any involvement in the violence.

When he arrived at the perimeter of the compound, Khattala said he saw men carrying RPGs and medium guns, but that gunfire prevented him from getting close and entering the compound.

Khattala said by the time he managed to get inside the compound, everyone had withdrawn. He said he did not see any fires.

So he was just innocently hanging around a firefight and was not responsible for anything. Right.